Not all wounds heal

Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem, Troilus and Criseyde, written in the 1380s contains the phrase: “As tyme hem hurt, a tyme doth hem cure.”

Time heals all wounds! Or so say many over and over again. Certainly time helps women forget the excruciating pain of childbirth. You live it and then at some point consider having another. The exact feeling of pain a dulled memory.

Yet time doesn’t readily heal all wounds. Some somewhat seal to only open up again and fester. Ooze out grief, hate, and tears. Other wounds you freeze up and store away to only it thaw out.

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  1. So True Not All Wounds
    Heal By Time Alone

    And Some Wounds

    Are Too Deep too

    See Too Deep to

    Even Feel as is the
    Case So Often With
    Childhood to Even Adulthood

    Neglect And Or Abuse Physical
    And Or Emotional too Particularly

    Though When Young As Even Science
    Shows Little Monkeys Die Without A Mother’s Touch

    And What is Wired of
    Warmth in Humans
    As Far As

    And Binding
    Connections May
    Come in Zero Sum
    Ways of No Mammal Human

    Loving Warmth at All Even Sadder
    Yes as Congenital Anomaly At Birth

    Without Even Any Abuse or
    Neglect Coming After That

    It Seems in Our Modern Days

    A Deepest Wound is of the Human

    Soul Yes This Warmth That Drives Toward
    Lives Who Do Least Harm For All Of Nature

    Human And Even Animal/Plant Yes Respect

    For Living Forests And Living Oceans True

    Even Beauty Sublime of Tallest Snow

    Capped Mountains Yet Here i go

    Rambling Again Just in the

    Agape Appreciation

    of All of Existence

    Come to

    Be How Does
    That Come At
    Mother’s Breast
    First How Does That

    Go As Love of Mother Lives
    In EYes of Child After Mother Passes

    Still Breathing in this Gratitude This Warmth
    For Loving All At Best We Who Are Blessed
    And Blissed

    This way

    Do Our

    Very BesTesT
    to Lift Those Up
    Who Are Not Blessed
    And Blissed ThiS Way At

    Best We Get Get to Swim in
    Their Oceans too to Understand
    Storms of WHere Human Souls Die Alive…


  2. Bonjour
    Comme certains d’entre vous l’ont vu sur mon dernier écris
    Je mets mon blog en pause
    Cela ne signifie pas ne plus écrire
    Mais un bon moments de repos ne fais pas de mal à personne
    Je passerai de temps en temps lire ceux qui voudront me laisser quelque chose
    En attendant je te souhaite tout le bonheur possible , de bonnes vacances , santé
    Ben oui parfois il faut savoir un peu arrêter
    J’ai vécu ici des rencontres exceptionnelles
    J’en sors bouleverser
    Bise avec toute mon amitié

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