She had looked into his eyes and she knew it was time

She hardly ever went out to that spot. But today she felt a great compulsion to do so. She was inexplicably drawn to the chair and followed the directions from her inner voice. She sat down and grabbed some snow. She breathed it in.

She looked up to the sky and then she remembered. This is where he had gone to die. In his final hour he sought a spot of his own and had rested his face down on the ground. She had looked into his eyes and she knew it was time. Those lovely, warm and haunting eyes. Her tear dropped onto the snow. He would always be there.

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  1. It’s True Frosty
    Didn’t Really
    Die He And Or
    Her only Transformed

    Into Water


    WHole iN
    THiS WaY

    THere is
    Mostly A
    Real Hero
    No Matter DArkness
    In All Of Us RiSinG ALiVE AGAiN


    For Real 🌊
    Star DusT iNHaLinG
    Peace ExhalinG Love
    ReaL Miracles of Star
    DusT Breath “Cosmos



    iN JoY oF LiGHT
    Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing
    When Ocean Wave
    Water Leaf Feeding 🍃
    Trees RiSinG Becoming
    Wind Falling to Soils Greening

    🍂 🍁

    Life When

    Forest Leaf Tree🌲

    Whole Complete

    Frosty SMiLeS ETeRNaLLY
    Now if only “Raindrops Falling

    On my
    Head With
    Feet too Big

    A Bed”

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