Even if expected, disappointment is still disappointing and heartbreaking

As a New Yorker, I am quite cynical. But as I’ve noted before, I’m actually quite sunny as well. I’m a blend of New York and California. Thus, my cynicism is curved and not pointed. Whatever that means to you. One thing in that vein, that I have been repeatedly told is that my anger is not brutal. It’s my disappointment that is tough. When I fell disappointment, I show it. Sometimes, one can say I’m crestfallen.

By now I’m old enough to expect to be disappointed. Yet, disappointment still surprises me. I truly wonder why I allow that to be so. And, when I’m disapponted it can be heartbreaking. I feel a breech of trust. I feel betrayal. I feel a deep sense of being let down. When I’m disappointed it’s because I had expectations of the person, the place, or the process. That’s why I hate conpany retreats that plaster trite signs such as “trust the process”. No, I don’t want to. Yet, I inevitably do despite all I know.

In summary, disappointment is disappointing. Oh, what a cold spring day has brought.

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  1. “Trust The Process”

    True Most Every System

    Has A Way to Bite And That’s

    Why i Love Magic of Chaos

    It Flows

    WHere no
    Past Now and

    Future is Present
    Oh How Pleasant
    It is to Surf Life These
    Days Outside of the Process
    And Trusting More Than Just
    Them or me oh Beyond i Love to Go

    To Be
    i AM Now
    True the Other
    Place Seemed oh
    So Not To Be Then


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  2. I trust the process to fail for me because it never seems to have a use for people like me. I’m just not motivated the same way as most people. I often feel like my skillset is not very useful and my strengths are unwelcome.


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