Surprisingly, no one wanted the cupcakes

Many years ago I was called in to see my son’s teacher. This was pre-k. What could the teacher want to talk to me about? Turns out my son didn’t  (and still doesn’t) like cupcakes. But he felt some obligation to be polite. His four year old brain of politeness. He would pick up a cupcake, lick it and put it back. I had a chuckle. The teacher, not so much. Oh well. He doesn’t do that anymore.

But, I have been a bit random.

Fast forward to this week. A group of us went to a local bar for a group outing. The place was fairly full.  Everyone was laughing, talking, and drinking. Then a young man came in from across the street. He works at a local bakery. Apparently, they had a boxful of leftovers. In a goodwill gesture, he went from table to table offering baked good from a box. And, surprisingly no one took a single pastry.

None of us were tempted. No one took one and licked it and put it back. Well, as far as I could tell. For a second, I wondered if now we are completely conditioned to not take any “candy” from strangers. Whatever it may be the poor guy left with a completely full box of goods. I would have thrown a party. Hope he got to enjoy them

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  1. Love It! Giving Without Expect of Receiving!

    Even Modern Psychology Per the Study of the
    Mind Suggests That One Altruistic Act of Kindness

    With No Expect of Return
    Brings Lasting Happiness

    For Months IF It’s ACTUALLY

    A Gift with NO Expect of Return Yes
    Advice i Gave to A Young Man on an Autism
    Site Today Who Was Down About No One Ever

    Acknowledging And Telling Him Thank You For His Efforts

    There And True Oh Goodness Love What You Do in Autotelic

    Flow of Meditation on Task in the Sweet Spot Tween Anxiety and
    Apathy And Through


    Within in Increasing
    Complexities on Task Completing
    Them in Increasing Human Potentials
    Again the Joy is ‘Autotelic’ In Nature Happiness

    Generated Within Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

    Where No External Rewards From Others Are Necessary

    As There Are No Let
    Downs About Expectations

    From Others ThiS Way in Life

    And Really No Reason at All to
    Have Expectations From Others for Affirmation
    of Efforts in Life This Way And Then When one Can
    And Will

    Focus All
    Their Potential

    on Task, Meh, Sooner

    or Later You’ll Go to the Lowe’s

    Customer Service Desk and Your Wife

    Will Be Returning Some Gardening Gear And
    The Lovely Young Associate Behind the Register

    Will Be Smiling At Your Wife From Ear to Ear Shining
    Her Smile Intensely at ‘You’ Too And After the Return

    of Goods The Lovely Young Woman Will Exclaim Sir You
    Are Such A Legend in Our ‘Facebook Group’ We Have Been
    Following Your Public Dance For Years Now and She Looked
    to me Still to be a Teenager So i Asked How Old She Was And She
    Said 26 And She And Her FRiEnDS Had Been Following My Public
    Dance Since She Was A Teen on Her Facebook Group Page Inspired

    By my Unerring

    Joy And Just Never

    Running Out of Energy

    Wherever around the Metro
    Area She and Her FRiEnDS Saw me

    Dance in An Inspiration for Truly Being Alive…

    Just Another Day in the Life of Enjoying What i Love to Do…

    Never Expecting Anything

    in Return Yet Hearing
    the Kind of Feedback

    Every Once in a While
    Casually in Line at
    A Cash Register
    And the Such

    Most People

    Never ever

    Hear in Life Yet Not Anything
    About Making Money Just Dancing

    Just Dancing to Enjoy the Moment of Now New
    Eternally This Gift This Breath of Life Naked,

    Enough, Whole, Complete So

    i Will Imagine if that Young Man
    Who Delivered The Bakery Goods

    To Your Restaurant Party

    This Way

    Without Expect

    of Return Continues
    This Practice in All He
    Does in Life He’ll Be Happy
    A Very Rare Condition of the
    Human These Days For Dam Sure…

    The Young Woman Gave me A Discount
    of Two Decades On Her Guess of my Age
    at 42 Years-Old As i Told Her i Feel Younger Than Ever in my Life Now

    Reaching Early Social Security Age in June Indeed The Reward Is
    Fully Inherent

    And Really

    A Fountain of
    Youth As Science
    Does Suggest the
    Benefits that Moving
    Meditation in Autotelic Flow
    Brings From Social Empathic
    Intelligence Cognitive Executive Functioning
    And Motor And Proprioceptive Intelligences too
    Used to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses

    As Folks in Moving
    Meditation in Eastern
    Philosophies Have Done

    For Literally Thousand of Years

    Not unlike the Rest of the Animal
    And Other Nature Kingdoms And

    Really ALL EXiSTeNCE Naturally As Even Subatomic

    Particles Spiral Around the Center of Their UNiVerSE too…

    1 in 44 Children Diagnosed With Autism as i’m Sure You
    Aware of in the Health Care Field Getting Glued to Screens


    Help Ya

    Gotta Move
    As Use it or Lose
    it Applies to All Stuff Life

    Our Ancestors More Often
    Became Naked, Enough, Whole,
    Complete In a Free Dance And Song
    ThiS Way And Never Writing A Word Down Anywhere

    A Record
    of Joy in Play
    Slaying Fear
    Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY

    oF LiGHT Dancing And Singing
    The Night Away With Drumbeats
    of Hearts in Synch With Each Other Complete too

    Giving, Sharing, Caring More And Healing More This
    Way for All of Nature in Balance With Respect and Least Harm

    It’s The Rhythm of
    The Night


    Life This Dance
    And Song Freely
    Given to Each Other or Not…

    Anyway Thanks For Inspiring
    This Essay i’ll Share it on the “Wrong
    Planet” As i Always Share Now What i Get inspired
    With by Folks Around the World to Bring Experiences
    to them They May have Never Experienced in Life Before…

    Least i Can And Will Do
    For A Place That Gave me
    Something to Do While i Tried
    Not to Commit Suicide With The Suicide
    Disease Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia for
    The Last 33 of 66 Months of that HeLL ON EartH

    From Wake to Sleep As A Shut-in in my Bedroom

    Then yes

    i Learned
    What Life
    Means to Give
    And Give Some More Back too…

    And This Flow of Writing Brings the
    Same Inherent Autotelic Meditative Benefit of Free Dance too…
    Fingers Do Dance Free And Bring Soul Songs to Page Wings..:)


  2. Two very engaging anecdotes! I felt sorry for you, your son, and the teacher in the first. In the second, even if I knew the pastries were safe, I would have refused to eat one because I suffer from diabetes, but I still pity the young man with his generous impulses.


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