The Flash, like many of us, are past the moving on time

When the television show the Flash first came, I loved it. Brought new energy. New story lines with good arcs. A surprise villain. A good recipe for a new show in a franchise. It has not outlasted its companion shows (other then DC Legends) but I barely recognize the show. It feels stale. The old beloved characters are gone. And, it just seems some of the remaining original characters are phoning it in. I really don’t care about Iris’ newspaper editorial choices. Just not riveting. A superhero show is simple in some way. There’s a hero. There are villians. Sometimes they ate antiheroes because there’s nuance in life. A key moral objective is at stake.

What am I trying to say? Simple, sometimes a show is past its prime. It jas said all it already had to say. It accomplished the major objectives it first had set out to do.

At some point it’s time to move on. If you hit a high note. If you accomplished a key objective, sometimes it truly is time to move on. Don’t stay past your prime and sink into substandard plots that are ho-hum and drive no grand satisfaction. No need to phone it in.

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  1. SMiles Fortunately
    In Life There Are
    Endless ‘Target
    Audiences’ These
    Days Some Old Some New
    Some Do Remain the Same
    Do Not
    With SMiLes
    Best Of All there
    Are No Longer ‘Middle
    Men’ Able to Hold Up Freedoms…
    In Some
    of Wings…
    And Strangely
    Enough In Other
    Places With Few Feathers At All…
    And That is A Size of Focus And
    Attention in Modern Breeds of Human Wings..:)


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