The hardest challenge is to be yourself in this world

” The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” E.E. Cummings

I’m not your savior

I’m not an angel

I’m not the keeper of your secrets

I’m not your doormat

I’m not the Berlin Wall

I’m not Mount Kilimanjaro

I’m not a mystery novel

I’m not a horror story

I’m not a superhero

I’m not a brittle cushion

I’m not weak

I’m not the bad guy

I’m not the man

I’m not the driver of your bus

I am to be respected

I am to be treated with dignity

I am to be me

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  1. Sadly The Truth is
    If i AM to Be Me
    Honest And True to
    Myself As the World Stands
    And Falls Today i Surely Cannot
    (Particularly Where i Live Today)
    Expect Rationally
    To Be Treated
    With Dignity
    And Respect
    in A World Currently
    Like This However What i Can
    And Will Do As An Individual
    True to me is Treat Myself
    With Dignity And Respect
    No Matter How
    The World
    Now Will See of me
    And Do to me Short
    of Any Real Harm Now
    It’s Truly Impossible to
    Change Our Worlds And
    The World At Large Eventually
    Unless We aRe Truly Strong Enough
    To be the Fool in Eyes of Others Different and Persevere
    Granted i Surely Won’t Be one Asking For Volunteers…
    And i Surely Understand The Reality of it is That this
    Is Almost
    To Do As A Social
    Animal Human Being
    Unless One is Financially
    Independent And Not Slave to
    Anyone Else for Financial Security
    With Enough Core Love From At least
    one or A Few Others to Survive As Human-Kind True
    Most Folks
    Will Fall
    And Sadly
    Become More
    Villain Than Hero to Themselves…
    Or Conform of Course And Survive
    As Less Than True to Their Authentic Self…
    When i Expect Dignity and Respect From Others
    Is When i More Often Respond to Harm With Harm…
    (Yep, Ask Chris Rock About Turning The Other Cheek,
    Bullied in Childhood That Way too Refusing
    to Fall in
    That Way)
    Giving Up Those
    Hard indeed
    Yet The Rewards
    Do Come From Within
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE Enough Now…
    Of Course Only in my Individual View of Existence..:)


  2. I AM me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get me what I want to simply BE me. They want something else, and I have no energy to provide it to them.

    It’s not enough to write books as well as you can – you also have to become a performing monkey to sell them. I haz no energy for performing.


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