Rabbit, rabbit and happy April Fools day Mom

My mother was an extremely superstitious person. She also was a prankster. Today, April 1st, combines both of those qualities of hers. For me, today serves as a day of remembrance.

First, let me start out with a shout out to “Rabbit, Rabbit”. On the first of every month, it’s an old tradition to state first thing in the morning “rabbit, rabbit” for it supposedly brings good luck for the rest of the month. This superstition I did not learn from my mother. Instead, I learned about it at boarding school. I thought it so odd. But was thrilled to share with my mother a superstition she didn’t know about or already addess. I said it this morning and truly hope luck shines through in this month. I’m going to need it.

Second, my mother loved April Fools’ day. She would plan months in advance for some of her epic pranks. I was amused that someone could be so gleeful about the day. Now that I’m older I really don’t see or experience that many wild pranks. It’s like people forgot how to have good silly fun. Or are maybe afraid to get too creative about their pranks. Either way, I wish people some good, fun pranks that leave you laughing for a few days.

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  1. ‘Tricks’ Are For Silly
    Wabbits And Fools

    Who Rather Just Tale
    The Truth Than Swim in CuLTuRaL,
    Political, Philosophical, Religious Lies

    That Bond and Bind Over Group Think

    Like Female Genital Mutilation in Some Countries

    Child Marriages For Pay in Others And Clerics Abusing Young
    the Same
    Way As Priests
    May Do Now in the

    Name of A Similar
    God that Burned Folks
    Like my Wife With Partial

    Complex Seizures Mistaking
    The Grimacing Looks of Folks
    Undergoing a Challenge of Seizures

    As Frigging Demon Possessed As Ignorance

    is A Worst Real Human Pandemic That Harms, Rapes,

    Maims, And Kills Each Other And the Rest of the Nature Most

    Welcome to ‘Greta

    Thunberg World’

    Fool Enough

    To Tell The Truth
    About the Environment
    of Humanity’s Ignorance

    Yet Without Giving Any F’s
    If She is Gonna Fit into Modern Group
    Cultural Think Lies True Though She Doesn’t

    Dance Naked With the Stars Like me as After
    All Naked Has Been Selling So Much of What Human


    For Eternity

    of the Condition Now

    Yet Naked Does Not Lie

    As It Doesn’t Have the Kind

    of Intelligence to Cover Truth With Clothes

    Oh This Holy Fool Condition Happy Fred’s Day

    Year Around For me too Yet For One Who is Content

    With Who They Are What They Have And Where They Are

    Naked, Enough, Whole, And Complete No One May Take

    Their Heaven


    Just the
    Way They Are
    As Billy Joel Sings too…

    And Yes Shedding the Filthy
    Green Habit of the Money MaKinG
    God Slave Is Surely A Path to Freedom of


    iN DarK
    And LiGHT

    Now A Place Where

    Ya No Longer Have to Believe

    in God’s Who Are Eternally Loving,
    Merciful And Forgiving While Burning
    Their Enemies the Naughty Ones Forever

    And Calling Themselves ‘Clean’ Nah, i Can, Will,
    And DO See Through that ‘Dirty Trump TricK’ NoW

    As True Not Every Fool Is Holy Either

    For i Don’t
    Wear Any

    of Those
    Clothes that Require Lies

    To Fit in to the DarK Pit Below Above For Real…

    i For One Believe That We Should Be Able to Heal

    on Days Besides Sunday And Not Be Murdered for Love

    Or Threatened Bodily Harm and Spit on in School Just For Smiling

    And Being
    A Human

    in Trump
    Town USA too..

    It’s True in my Middle School
    Year Book Most Common Response
    to me even Labeling the Lunch Worker
    Lady in Her Clown Dress for Halloween ‘Fred’

    They ASSiGNeD the Archetype Early on i Just
    Follow Through for What the Christian Onward
    Marching Boys

    me with
    Then Again
    Happy Fred’s
    Day Always NoW iN Deed

    Yawn All i have to Do is Dance
    Sing Free SMiLe And Tale my Naked Truth
    Play Slays Fear Best Naked When Dancing Singing Free
    With the Stars or Just Me aLLone With a Little Help From FRiEnDS..:)


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