Sometimes only bad choices are left

In a perfect world, all our binary choices would be simple and easy to make. We would choose from between bad and good. We would know the right and wrong choice. And depending on our moral compass the decision would be easy. Life is not that black and gray. There is this little thing called nuance. And, there are inconvenient choices. Plus, there are, at times, all bad actors in a scenario.

Sometimes, as life would have it, only bad choices are left. This point was hammered repeatedly in The Hangover trilogy. That first movie was golden. The rest had a few good laughs. When all you have are bad choices, you supposedly choose the less bad one. Of course, that is subjective.

In such a situation, I say take the nuclear option. Just burn the proverbial house down. Sometimes you go for a hail mary. Sometimes you just don’t care and roll that dice.

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  1. Yikes Nuclear Options
    And Hail Mary’s May
    Not Make Good
    Bed Fellows or
    Others Still To Come
    Other than that True As Far
    As Metaphors Go At Least
    Ya Defend to the End Now
    So Others Get to Be Free
    ‘Bunker Hill Style’ As the
    Enemy Finally
    Sees You
    Won’t Give Up
    And Their Spirit
    For Blood-Shed Becomes Broke…
    True i’ve Done this in a Metaphorical
    Way Without Bullets as i Consider myself
    More Valuable Alive Than Dead i’ve Longer
    That Continue
    to LiVE iN SoUL STill To Come
    Preparing Others to Receive ‘Frission’..:)

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