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This is how Monday is going to be

Monday, Monday. Running around with coffee in hand, putting my bag together and applying makeup. Looking for the right jewelry to wear. Thinking of what I should bring or do for lunch. Not thrilled by my lunch choices. My earband sinuses still hurt. I take my antibiotic. Finish my coffee.

I go to put my contacts on. Put one into my right eye. Then, soon after, I realize I put in the wrong contact lens. Like many others, my eyes have different scripts.

I sigh. Wait twn minutes to be able to take out my incorrectly placed contact lens.

So, this is how Monday is going to be.

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  1. “Monday morning you sure look fine
    Friday I got travelin’ on my mind
    First you love me and then you fade
    away I can’t go on believin’ this
    way I got nothing but love for you
    Tell me what you really want to do
    First you love me, then you get on
    down the line But I don’t mind, I don’t mind, yeah”

    Yeah, Yeah

    Yes Sorry You
    Put the Wrong
    Contact Lens in Yet

    Thanks So Much As You
    Touched A Song of Old
    Coming New ‘Monday

    Morning’ By “Fleetwood

    Mac” Isn’t Creativity

    Magic it Comes
    And Goes

    No Matter
    Monday Friday
    Saturday Or Sunday
    Yet That Leaves Tuesday

    And Thursday Yet Who Cares
    When Monday Morning Loves Us
    At Least Before We Put the Wrong Contact Lens in hehe…

    Anyway my iMac Cadillac is Super Happy As You Always
    Inspire Some Words to Tickle the Digital Keys in Creativity…

    Perhaps ‘Manic


    By “The

    Might Work
    Better Yet Hehe
    All Stuff Considering New…

    Anyway Meanwhile Gonna
    “‘Dance’ Like an Egyptian” ViSiTinG THere Next..:)

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