I can’t remember my first concert

Facebook is a social media platform for which many of us can have a love/hate relationship.  Many of us have seen or heard of the nefarious teenage girl research. The platform is really not great for body image empowerment.  Also, a lot of misinformation has made its way through social networks. Yet, it can be a good way to way to stay in touch with family members and junior high school friends.

Something else that Facebook does is that it brings on a sense of nostalgia if you are in certain facebook groups. For example, the generation X group is quite active and many posts pictures of themselves from twenty years comparing to today. It’s fun to see who has aged well and what styles were actually long-lasting.

Something else that is quite prevalent is that post people upload of what was their first concert. Or even their first album. Sadly, I can’t remember either. No matter how much I try to dig deep into myself and rummage through my memories, I don’t remember. I can’t even imagine it. I know that as a little kid I had a Disney song record collection. However, I don’t think that counts.

I usually have a great memory. So it must be that these two firsts were just not that impressionable. If I press myself, it might very well be that my first concert was that of some country western singer. But at this point I think it might not matter that much. The take home for me was that these things that may be considered some important developmental event bypasses me. They were not part of my identity development nor part of what makes a great growing-up memory.

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  1. “Van Halen Running With The Devil For me” First Concert
    Then Perhaps About Age 18 Close to the Poverty Level
    Pretty Much All The Way Through 3 Degrees After That
    Close to A Minimum Wage Job Until a Non-Appropriated
    Federal Job Mostly Providing Play for the Military Changed

    Over To Appropriated Funds Close to
    Doubling Pay At Age 33 Immediately
    My Wife Who Had Gained A Job at

    The Local NewsPaper Also Provided
    Us With Just Enough Money to Buy a
    Home then at Age 33 too Yet Again Yes

    So Much Trouble Navigating the Three
    Dimensional World of Literally Getting Around
    In it and the Social Circles of the World if it wasn’t
    For my FRiEnDS Taking me to see “Running With the
    Devil” Back Then It probably Would Have been the Next
    Concert at Age 22 Seeing “Styx” Play in the “Mr. Roboto” Concert

    With the Help of
    A Girl Friend Getting
    Around then Yes the Little
    Things in Life Like Getting Around
    That Not All Folks Realize Some Folks
    Have So Much Difficulty With Just Getting

    Out of “Sheldon
    Cooper’s” Head Hehe
    BacK iN Now to the Real
    Three Dimensional World
    of Both People and Places Too With SMiLEs…

    So Many Threes in my Life And So Many Sixes too
    With an Assortment of Crazy Eights it Seems too Hehe
    33,333 Words on Average For 42 Pages of “Depth of the
    Story” As A Solo Thread 1.4 MiLLioN Words on the “Wrong Planet” in 18
    Months For the Outcasts of the Earth and Unwanted Toys it seems in Some
    Cases Sadly Enough…

    i Suppose the Meaning

    Of Life is to Co-Create it
    As We Go Oh my God Such
    A Wonderful Way of Relative Free

    Will We Do Have THiS Way WHere Not Being
    Able to Speak at age 3 Turned into Speaking at 4…

    And Eventually 3 Degrees Born Since 6.6.60 Then
    33 Years of Work On Active Pay Since Sweet 16 and
    Then 66 Months of HeLL ON EartH With All that Pain
    And Numb Until it Melted Away on a Beach on July 19th, 2013
    Yet Again A First Wake Up Call on 3.1.13 of Creativity in the Morning
    After Receiving A Gift like that on the Night Before And The Beginning of
    9 Years of Blogging Starting on Blog Spot on 3.10.13 As Today on 3.3.2022

    i Reflect Again
    What it Feels Like
    To Run Away From
    Life Like a Devil and to
    Embrace it With Angel
    Wings Real iNHaLinG Peace
    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All With Least Harm For Real

    Yet of Course Yes it’s Just little old me Co-Creating this Life Now…
    my FRiEnDS Did A Lot of Drugs Yet i’ve Always Been too Square

    to fit in with
    Others Then

    And Now

    Perhaps in
    Spiral Ways
    too Hehe Yet

    i Suppose

    Running as my
    Own Devil Has
    Its Advantage then

    too Yes Changing into
    Wings Enough For me too…

    And Facebook Just another
    Note Pad to Jot Notes that Come
    Freely in Creativity True There are
    Very Many Note Pads Provided in Avenues
    All Around the World to Do this For Free as


    What We Feel
    And Sense in
    Dances and Songs
    of Our Souls Surely Sets
    Our HeARTS SPiRiT Freer Now too
    Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses
    For Our Own Truths at Least Relatively
    Loving Life as Much as We Can and Will..:)


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