I had a plan for coherency until the dog pooped it out

I had a plan for coherency. The plan was shredded by a dog. I had a new path to the winterland. The new path was spat on by cave dweller. Had a new game thought through but no one came to play. They just wanted to poke holes and let all reason balloon out. Apparently, there are no friendly creatures out there. They all want a little something, something. And, they are mean for it.

It’s 2am and I want to read Milan Kundera’s Unbearable lightness of being. But that jut might make things more unbearable and sleepy will take to next train to the porth pole. Forget it. Need to read the book of Laughter and Forgetting. That’s it. That is the book. The sentences for the moment will shine a light- a fluorescent interrogation type of light for progress.

No too sure this plan works. It’s now 2:04am. Where is the savior? Silly question. We know there is no such thing.

Ah, the shredded paper has been ingested by the dog. Now lights will emanate from and he will share the shine or poop it all up and go back to sleep

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  1. i Suppose The Only Savior is the
    FRiEnD Within We Make in this
    One Life to Live Now Is the FRiEnD

    We Give, Share, Care, And Heal

    With that Yes
    Verily Comes
    from Within Now

    Obviously as a CEO
    of a Non-Profit Health
    Organization in New York,
    New York You my FRiEnD
    Are A Real Savior For Many
    Yet Likely An Unsung Hero For

    The One Who Oils All the Parts
    of the Machine for it to Work Properly

    All Days And in Writing on a Blog of Course
    Now You Get to Talk to Your Soul at Least

    Once a Day in Introspection Before
    Delivering Your Services as Just

    Another Human
    Savior of the

    World Living
    in A Concrete Small
    Apartment in New York
    Not too Big to Take the Subway
    And Big Enough to Help So Many People…

    Meanwhile All i Do is Dance And Sing For Fun
    Everywhere i Go And Honestly it Seems You Should
    Be the one Folks Stop in Public And Ask to Have Their
    Picture Taken With Calling You a Legend Most Definitely

    More than
    me as All i Do
    Is Have Fun 24/7
    For The Hours i am
    Awake at Least Where
    Somehow the Home that
    i Bought for Less than the Cost
    of a Modern Four-Wheel Drive Back in 1993 These Days

    Is A Home That Others Around the World Call Paradise
    And Heaven For Real Yes Life’s All About Perspective

    Yet it takes
    So Much

    For The World
    to Actually Work

    i Honestly Hope One
    Day You Sleep Easy
    And Always Remember
    the Real Difference in the World You Make…

    Imagining You Relaxing in An Apartment on
    Miami Beach or Wherever Yet i’m Guessing
    You’ll Spend All Your Days And Hours Helping Someone else…

    SMiLes Considering Someone Stopped me Dancing in Walmart
    Last Night asked me for an Autograph Pic and called me Legend

    This is the
    Least i Could
    Do For Someone
    Somewhere Who
    Truly Deserves it With SMiLes..:)

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