That car ride I should have left missed

Funny things happen to us in this world. And by funny, yes sometimes laugh-out-loud things, but often it’s more like head-scratchers. You’re left wondering why something just occur or how it is that it could occur. You may wonder why you? Then there are those “funny” things that occur that have long-lasting repercussions. Our daily version of the butterfly effect.

Once upon a time, I experienced one of these moments. Two and a half years ago, I had an appointment in a very far away place. I had made arrangements for a car pick up as it would be near impossible to travel by public transportation to my destination point. I utilized a longstanding, reliable pick up. Except it turned out to not be reliable. The car service was running really late and there was no way I could arrive on time. And anyone who knows me, knows I’m an extremely punctual person. I’m one of those who arrives early. But not this time. And, I was sweating and fretting.

I manage to get a car ride that involved bringing my poor sleepy, hungry son. The appointment was for late in the evening. It was all a disaster. Traffic was horrendous to the point that it took over 2.5 hours to get there. I arrived about 50 minutes late. I was besides myself. I am never late. And, most certainly not an hour late. I have a few friends who are that way. I bake in long wait times when I decide to get together with them. But that is not me. And this appointment has a huge thing. And it would end up changing my life in a number of large ways.

If I hadn’t been so diligent in getting there, I can assure you that my life in almost every way imaginable would be different. My life today would not exist as is because of that car ride I manage to work out. If I had just walked away and noted that the universe was trying to tell me something my sky would be a different color blue.

One incident. One decision. One moment of sheer determination. Ine completely altered life.

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  1. Left Behind
    Oh Goodness
    Or Reality That’s
    WHeRE i Left TiME
    When i Truly Re-Tired

    And Erased
    Time From

    My Story
    oF LiFE

    Yet True
    my Wife my
    Personal CLocK
    Still Exists And in Honor
    of Her Time Keeping Abilities

    Last Sunday Like CLock Work

    i Even Made it to Church at the
    Appropriate Scheduled CLock Face
    Time to Arrive Before the Homily Since
    Several Months as the Truth is i Lost Respect

    (To Announce Our 32nd Anniversary, A Special Day Indeed)

    For the Place When They Required No Social Distancing
    or Masks Then During the Peak of the Delta Deadly Variant

    Pandemic Part

    Yet Not Enough
    Not to Show up
    For the Homily
    As i Find it A Poetic
    Muse in Both DarK and
    LiGHT Ways as True Real
    Long Form EPiC Participant
    Anthropology Observing Requires
    one to Step Outside of the ‘Ivory Tower’

    (27.1 Inch
    iMac Screen)

    Hehe With
    or Without
    The Illusion of Time,
    Distance, Space, And
    “Matter of Things” too
    Just Another Part of
    A Never Ending Story
    in Nether Landing Ways…

    As True if Hurricane Ivan Didn’t
    Arrive in 2004, Destroying Our Building
    At Work And Putting me Toe to Toe with
    A Very Difficult Captain of That Navy Place;
    It Probably Wouldn’t Have Been Nearly
    as Stressful and i Might Still Be Working
    For Pay Instead of Going to Hell for 66 Months

    And WaKinG
    UP iN Heaven
    Now for 103 Months
    Within For Real With
    All These Words Starting
    A Month After Waking Up Then
    (And 16,233 Miles of Public Dance)
    That Might Be Bright or Dim Now
    Depending on
    Who Turns
    ‘the Lights’ on



    With or
    CLock Life too..:)


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