I don’t get this wordle thing

Words. Word play. Multiple words. Stream of consciousness. Good vocabulary. Quick on your feet. I like all those attributes. However, I just don’t get wordle. And by get, I mean don’t like. Sometimes I’m right on time for the party. Other times I’m late to the party. But I’ve yet to do words with friends. No appeal to me, whatsoever. I do like Scrabble. How about some old-fashioned games?

I have so many words floating in and out of my brain every hour and second, it seems. I don’t need to guess words. Unless they are bad, pointed words. Maybe I can learn a few of those.

With that said and written out, I need to sit down and eat some Thai food and be a TV zombie. No words. Just grunts.

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  1. HAha Yes, Yes,
    Yes, my Sister
    And Mother Loved
    to Play Scrabble Then
    Yet Not me Words Without Pics
    Pretty Much
    Just Bored me
    When the Internet Arrived
    With Unlimited Opportunities
    to Write Text i Thought to Myself
    Who In The World Would Wanna
    Spend Their Time Just Writing to Other
    Folks Without Any Face-to-Face Full Interaction
    i Even Went to the Next Offices Face-to-Face Rather
    Than Use E-Mail or Even Use A Phone Call Hehe And True
    i Never Wanted A Pager And Sure Didn’t Want The Government
    Cell Phone i Got
    to Be on
    i Ever Went in
    Life Always Something
    Going Down With All the
    Administration, Managerial,
    Supervisory, Programming, And
    Finances i Had to Do Then Just So
    Many Ways
    to Contact
    me to Ask
    me Another
    Question too True
    For Years All i Had Left
    of me to Spend At Home
    Is Just a Little Computer
    Full Snow Moon Boarding Game
    In Honor of Tonight’s Full Moon too
    i Didn’t Have to Think to Play the Game
    HAha and That’s Why i Write Today Just
    Snow Boarding Around All These Shapes Not
    A Damn
    Thought Now
    Really in My
    Head Until it
    Comes Out on the Snowy
    Slopes in Flow Just Like This With SMiles..:)


  2. Hahaha, ‘no words, just grunts’. Hilarious. I heard Wordle was invented y a guy whose girlfriend loves word games, and he had no idea it would blow up as it did, and recently made a multimillion dollar sale of his app. I see wordle everywhere but have yet to try it. More of a ‘don’t wanna jump on a bandwagon’ type of reason than anything else, I do love guessing words. Hope your thai food was good 🙂


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