Apparently, I used to watch movies in the theaters

I went on Facebook to just see how some folks were doing. I don’t post much. I keep a lot of my personal stuff private. I know that seems odd as I’m sharing all this with you all. I’ve been sharing thoughts, at large, for over ten years. However, they are larger societal thoughts. You won’t readily catch me on Facebook sharing political opinions or family drama. I don’t see the point to that. I have seen couples publicly argue on Facebook. That is beyond bizzare to me. But I digress.

I went onto Facebook and I got one of those notices about shared memories on this date. Funny enough, the memories that popped up were almost all related to catching the latest blockbuster in the movie theatre. There was a point in time when I actually went out and sat in a big, people-filled auditorium for around two hours. I can remember sitting in a Los Angeles theatre watching a movie in 4D. The seats would sway and we’d get spritzed. Those were good times. Expensive. One such seat was like $25.

Nowadays, I can’t be motivated to go see a movie. None have really caught my interest. I’ve become numb to the movie theatre experience. I’m hoping some movie will motivate me back out to that group experience. Yet, those streaming services keep making the movie watching experience more and more personal and alone (or small group).

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  1. Hehe, Yeah, What’s the Use in Going to the Theatre
    When Instead THere’s Always An Opportunity

    ‘These Days’
    To Be A Live
    ‘Avatar’ Online Just
    Adventuring the Globe Wide Now…

    Oh the Memories of the Big Theatre
    Just the “Amazing Joker” in 2019, And Yes the
    Latest Rendition Of the “Matrix” in The Christmas
    Season of 2021… my my… mY First Memories of Theatre
    Life Is Seeing the “Greatest Story Ever Told,” Sadly

    Black Folks Had to Sit in the Upper Floor Balcony
    Seats of the Theater Segregated It Seemed like
    It Was Cool to me to be Way Up There So High

    Shocked in the 60’s Then to See a ‘G’ Rated
    Adam And Eve in the Buff Totally From the

    Rear And Then “The Planet of the Apes”
    And “Lady Liberty” Half Sunk; Charlton
    Heston Pounding the Sand Seemingly

    Forgetting He was on Paradise Beach
    With A Most Beautiful Woman in the

    World Riding Behind Him on His
    Horse Still Pounding the Sand

    Missing What Was Built More
    Than The Paradise All
    Around Him Now and

    Oh Yeah 5th Grade
    And My First
    Nerdy Date
    With A

    Girl Named Donna…
    She And Her Friend
    And me She Taking Off my
    Black Rimmed Nerd Glasses

    And Telling Her FRiEnD Look at
    His Eyes, Look At His Eyes, And me
    Smelling Her Overwhelming Perfume

    Still Smelling it Today the Strange Feelings
    of First Childhood Emotions Crushed With

    of that
    Just Totally
    Overwhelmed Anyway

    Earlier in Third Grade Before
    i Wore Glasses Watching the ‘Godzilla
    Movies’ Going up to the Snack Bar Again And Again
    Asking The Nice Snack-Girl-Attendant if my Eyes were
    Red Afraid Watching Godzilla Was Harming my Eyes
    My Gosh i Had So Many Unfounded Worries Then Yet

    i Did start
    Glasses the
    Next Year Still
    Ain’t Blaming Godzilla For it Hehe…

    i Did Like the Newest Godzilla Trailer
    Last Year Always Protecting Nature indeed…
    Just Lost Interest in the Theater Now Real Life
    More interesting
    to me

    As A
    Real Avatar too HAha
    And Yes, i Will Go See
    the Next “Avatar 2,” Movie for Sure
    in The Christmas Season of 2022..:)


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