The redemption olympics: Congrats to all who’ve preserved

I love watching the Olympics. Always have. I, at times, prefer the winter Olympics because those are truly sports I cannot do. First off , I don’t like the cold. Second, my level of coordination related to anything involving snow is abysmal. There is no third. That’s it. What I also love about the Olympics are the stories and narratives that come about from the high stakes drama.

One key storyline that seems to rise above all else is the “redemption” narrative. Take men’s figure skating. Nathan Chen is phenomenal. He has been. However, in 2018 he didn’t do so well. Expectations were extremely high and no matter how far us he turned in the air it wasn’t enough. He did manage to fall as well. This year, is another story. He landed all his jumps with finesse and confidence. And, they seemed to be very hard jumps to put in in non-technical terms. He landed an incredible five quad jumps in his free skate routine. A similar timeline pattern and story happened previously with Scott Hamilton who in one olympics had his hopes dashed to only rise well above four years later. Redemption!

It’s that journey and story that keeps us hooked. I certainly like to think that when I fall, I can get back up and to aim even higher. We want that inspiration and aspirational goal.

“We can be redeemed only to the extent to which we see ourselves.”

– Martin Buber.

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  1. SMiLes Hehe, i Had to Ask the
    Nice Military Gym Assistant if

    ‘That Was the Olympics’

    on TV This Week And
    He Said Don’t Feel
    Bad It’s ‘Only’ The
    Winter Olympics And

    Then i Said True After
    All This is Florida And Although
    Everyone is Complaining About This
    Cold February So Far i Still Persevere

    Not to Wear Anything More than Shorts
    Since the Winter of 2013 True i Don’t Do Pants

    On the Other Hand When Folks Ask me How i Handle
    the Cold i Say it’s Because i Don’t Wear Pants i Adjust

    i Accommodate

    To The Environmental
    Challenge More Within
    Than Wearing More Clothes
    to Make me Actually Less Vital
    Than Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

    Yet True Not After Any Award or Gold Medal
    It Just Feels Cool to Dance Under An Umbrella
    in Freezing Rain in Reverse Against The Below
    Freezing Wind Chill in Shorts And T-Shirts So Very

    Invigorating to
    me the Thrill of
    Being Alive And

    Just Mastering the
    Environment At Hand in Balance
    Enough Not Only to Survive Yet Thrive!

    It’s True There are No Gold Medals for Dancing
    A Ballet/Martial Arts Free Public Dance for 16,166
    Miles in 101 Months. It’s True There Are No Gold Medals

    For Writing the Longest EPiC Long Form Poem in the History
    of Humankind at 10.1 MiLLioN Words in 101 Months With 11
    Subchapter EPiC Long Form Poems Larger Than the Old King
    James Try in Biblical Size Efforts as i Continue This Practice of Autotelic
    Flow Now of course including the Current Solo Celebration of 6 MiLLioN
    Words of “FB Profile Pic Bible” in 56 Months of Effort Where the Words are
    Included in Facebook Profile Pic Description Areas in Series of around 20 FB
    Profile Pics That Fully Illustrate on Average Each Tiny MicroVerse of Around 8,000 Words

    Where Last Year About 2100 Profile Pics Housed Around 16.8 MiLLioN Words Haha and
    i Bet You Thought i Write a Lot of Words in this Free Rental Space in New York, New York,
    You So Graciously Provide on Your Blog Site Without Blocking me For All this Perseverance

    Or Perhaps What Some Folks Might Attribute to my Autism Spectrum Condition As Pointless
    Perseveration Like the Autistic Child Who Spins Without Goals or Reasons in Life However
    Intuitively Regulates Emotions And Integrates Senses This Way Until they Are Told “Quiet
    Hands And Feet” And Meanwhile Self-Destruct Within, Somedays You Have to Experience

    The Discomfort
    to Understand
    Why and that
    Reminds me of
    Forrest Gump When
    The Old Dude in the Restaurant
    Rotting in His Chair Said “That Boy
    is sure one Running Fool” Yet it’s True

    “Build It and He Will Come”

    Built It and He Will Come

    Somedays You Just Go out for
    A Long Run or Build A Baseball Diamond

    For Intuitive Introspection That May One day

    Lead to A Practice of Autotelic Flow in Some way

    of Truly Building Heaven Within that Never Ends only Just Beginning

    Now Then When You Become the Savior of Your Own Life With A Huge
    Grin Greater Than Infinity As True There is No Measure of the Depths

    And Expanse
    That May Come

    in Loving Life Eternally Now
    For Real Where The Experience
    Needs no Redemption or Gold Medals to Be Fulfilled
    Ironically What The Song “Yellow Brick Road” By Elton
    John Really Means Leaving the Labels and Expectations Behind

    And Simply

    Doing the
    Best Version
    of You Now No
    Matter What Anyone
    Else Cares to Think or
    Feel About it As the Practice
    of Life is Affirmation Enough As Heaven Within Now For Real…

    Anyway Back to the Gym Last Night With my Usual Warming up
    Routine of Gathering up Thirty 45-Pound-Plates From the Other
    Machines at the Gym for Leg Pressing 1380 Pounds As the Plate
    to Raise the Weight Weighs at Least 30 Pounds too Beside me is
    A Decline Squat Rack That Takes the Pressure off the Center of the
    Back as Big Squatters Typically End up With Severe Back Problems

    As Let’s use Common Sense Putting 450 Pounds on Our Shoulders
    as Humans is Not What We Are ‘Normally’ Designed to Do So Anyway

    Four Young Military Men Were Looking For Two 45-Pound-Plates to
    Squat 90 Pounds on the Machine And i told them Where to Find one
    And Assured them The Thirty on this Machine Will Be Available After
    About 100 Seconds of Leg Pressing 12 Reps or So From me as i do
    it Very Slowly With my Hands Raised to the Ceiling in Just About Perfect

    Balance so
    i Don’t Get
    Injured doing it

    So After i Finished
    The Young Men Started
    Counting the Plates i Was
    Using And i Gave them the
    Total Amount And They Could not
    Hardly Believe What they Were Seeing
    Particularly Since i am Turning 62 in June
    As They Remarked i Was one of the Strongest
    Humans They Ever met in Life hehe So i Went on to

    Tell them When i Was In Middle School Everyone Told
    me in their own Ways that i Was too Strange And Weak to
    Exist Not talking until age 4 put me a bit behind in the Social
    Circles of Life And i Stuttered Quite A Bit Keeping Up with the
    Speed of my Mind then Just couldn’t Get IT All out like i Have Developed

    A Way Finally
    to Do Now in
    Laser Focus
    That Autotelic
    Flow Practices of Life

    Do Bring So i told them
    the Story of Another Man
    Who Works out Who was a Vietnam
    Vet Who Rose From Enlisted to Commodore
    of the Military Installation that Houses the Gym

    As Recently in His 70’s he Was Still Squatting 450 Pounds
    And Bench Pressing 450 Pounds too Sadly He Developed
    Skin And Prostate Cancer, Had his Hip and Shoulders Replaced
    And is Now Waiting For Fusion of Some of The Vertebrae in His

    Lower Back As Well and Even With His Testosterone Zeroed
    Out for Therapy for the Prostate Cancer He Still Makes it to
    The Gym at Almost 80 Years-Old Now And Does What He

    Can And Will It’s True That Dude Lifted Enough Weight to
    Earn All Kinds of Master’s Age Level Awards in Many Areas
    of Competition Yet Like He Told the Young Men As Mentors

    too It’s Not About

    Competition With Others

    It’s About Fulfilling Your Personal
    Potential Now And Being Basically

    What i Suggest As Well, Naked, Enough,
    Whole, And Complete Build it And You May Come

    To Be
    And Hero too…

    Anyway Jack LaLanne of Old
    Towing 70 Boats At age 70
    Across A Bay Swimming

    Was An Inspiration to me

    As When i told my Masters
    Level Sociology of Aging Teacher
    i Would Retain my Strength in my 60’s
    She Scoffed And Said i Was Just Over-Zealous
    About Health And That Wasn’t A Reasonable Expectation

    As my Sociology of the Family Teacher Ray Oldenburg Who
    Authored the Book “The Third Place” (Bars For Social Gatherings
    For Social Cohesive Glue and the Such) Said When He was 52 He

    And His Friends

    Were Already


    And the Thought
    of Living Forever was
    A Horrible thought as

    They Were Already

    Spent in their Inspiration

    For Life As They Just couldn’t
    Find Any Gold Medals to Compete for Now

    Which Basically Means Their Inspiration their
    Muse for Life Was Limited to External Rewards
    Rather Than Generating Happiness Within Yet of Course
    They Specialized And Didn’t Learn Much About Eastern

    And Practices of

    Life That Focus on
    Motivating Souls

    That Gather
    Their Steam
    In Icy Waters As
    Monks Do Regulating
    Their Body Temperatures

    As ‘They Say’ in General “Chi” as Ants And Bees
    Don’t Need Books or Schools To Build Fabulous
    Mounds And Hives to LiVE-iN to Succeed Intuitively in Life…

    “Good Bye Yellow Brick

    Road” Good Bye Yellow

    Brick Road Don’t Let

    The Mighty OZ Fool Ya

    It’s All Window Dressing For Sell at Best…

    As The Redemption We May Find May Be



    Other than that
    Chen’s Performance
    Was Incredibly Inspiring

    Thanks For Bringing it to
    my Attention to find and


    Only Hope to See Him doing
    it at Age 62 and 70 Just for the
    Thrill of Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
    Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete that
    Way With or Without an Audience or Selling

    A Book to



    His Name…
    For What
    Breathes Within
    Eternally Young And Free…

    i Hope those Four Young Men
    Are Leg Pressing So Much More
    than me when they Reach 80 Years-Old

    Yet of Course Some Will Scoff That’s Not
    Possible And Worthless Without a ‘Gold Medal’

    And It’s True Not Unlike Forrest Gump i Really
    Don’t Mind if Anyone Reads a Magazine While

    i Tale
    my Story

    in All the
    Global Bus Stops

    of the World Again
    in Hopes That Others
    Will Find Their Saviors Within…

    After They Complete Their ‘Vision Quest’ too…

    Yes, No, Whether Or Not They Are Described As
    Living in ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ Or Not So Damned Free..:)


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