I’m not into the bestsellers

I’ve been watching a lot of streaming shows lately. I watch and I watch some more. Catching up on Ozarks. Getting to know Batman’s albert. For those of you who have watched it, are you as surprised as I was at the fact that it was a baby girl? (Spoiler Alert!).

Yet, even with all my binge watching, I find that their suggestions (whether its Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max to name a few) are not to my liking. How are they inputting my likes into their algorithm? Whichever way it is, they are misreading me. The same goes fot the Amazon bestsellers in a particular category. I just find myself not caring for them. I’m not into the bestsellers.

I don’t believe that makes me a rebel. Nor would I categorize myself as such based on social media or e-marketing platforms definition of how they categorize me. As a matter of fact, based on my viewing habits they probably think I’m a millennial when I’m actually Gen-X.

I’m just amused by how much they don’t get me. Perverse pleasure at that.

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