current events

The weather bored me

I am going to admit something outright. I wrote the title of this post at around 1am. I have no idea what I was referring to or what thoughts I had planned to pen.

I get it, though. There was supposed to be a big storm and it fizzled. I actually expected a non-storm event. I don’t get hyped up about possible storms. I grew up in the Bronx. We went to school even if there was five feet of snow and we were in second grade. I’m not afraid of snow. Not afraid of rain. Admittedly, I still walk horribly on ice. No sense of valance. I just shuffle my feet forward.

I assume the weather bored me tremendously because too many people were somewhat hyped up about it. Not that I want a big weather event. I lived through superstorm Sandy. That night, on which the storm came fiercely on by, shook us. Trees came down all around us. And that storm whistle is deafening. Thus, let me stay bored by the weather. Not much more I can as for.

I welcome your thoughts

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