The city that sleeps fitfully

New York City was, and maybe still, known for being the city that never sleeps. For me, that was always a big part of the New York city charm. I loved being able to still hang out or order food at 3am. Not that I have done so, really. I liked that I would always have options. Plus, New York is beautiful at night. It shines and glimmers.

However, New York is not so much anymore the city that never sleeps. Not many restaurants are open past midnight. The city streets are not brimming with people at 1am. I’m not too sure I’d want to ride the subway past midnight.

More New Yorkers are staying in and there are less tourists. We are staying in exhausted after countless back-to-back zoom meetings and watching an old show on Netflix for the 20th time. The output of new entertainment content has not kept up with the current needs.

At the end of it all, New York is now a little bit sleepy and it doesn’t sleep well. Fitful nights of sleep is often what we experiencing. There are the occasional ambulances that pass on by and we wonder if that event will increase. Last year that was horrible to hear.

Hoping 2022 is the year New York gets its mojo back.

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  1. Ah Yes Never Thought i’d See The Day
    of the Clock Going Backwards And Walmart

    With Actual Closing Hours Like A New York

    Minute No Longer As Fast At Night Either

    11 PM Closing Hours At

    Walmart What’s Really

    Hard hehe is They No
    Longer Have 2 for 1


    For my Wife’s

    Old Hobby of Getting

    All my Gatorades for 3 Dollars
    An Eight Pack Instead of 6 Dollars Now

    True The Price Hasn’t Actually Gone Up
    Double However Coupon Shoppers See it Different Hehe

    Yet There is A Silver

    Lining i Guess if We
    Will Call It That as Rib Eye’s

    At the Restaurant Practically
    Cost as Much as They Do at

    The Grocery Store Where Ya
    Have to Cook Them For Your Self…

    Anyway Just to Have Food Where Ya
    Don’t Have to Grow it And Kill it is Nice..:)


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