You don’t know me

You label and liable

You point and accuse

You speak without a noble tongue

You share a manufactured anger

You vilify the air

You use your power to diminish

But you’re in a putrid bubble of obstinance

But you have no foundation

But you don’t know me

You don’t want to know me

Misdirected you are

The mirror will reflect back on you

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  1. Loss of Humans Connecting

    Loss of Moving Creating True Emotion

    Loss of Co-Creating When Competition



    For Hairless Apes

    Truly Progressing to
    Higher Loving Levels Together

    YeP It’s Pretty Scary Imagining

    Someone Like Trump Who

    Isn’t Really A Buffon

    Yet A


    Devil Now
    No Real

    Human Soul too…

    Thankfully, i Can’t
    Imagine Any in this Country


    The Environment
    Though is Surely Ready As Is…
    From Where Shall This Man or Woman Arise…

    Or Shall We Move A Cool Change in the Direction

    of Love…





    In All Ways
    of January 6th

    SMiLes With All Due
    Respect Your Poem
    Likely Has Nothing to
    Do With These Words

    At All Except Emotions Inspiring This Breath..:)


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