When something is so boring you still can’t fall asleep

I have trouble falling asleep. Well. I want to sleep during many work meetings but that is different. Although, I have never fallen asleep at work or during a meeting. I can’t say that for all my colleagues. There was a zoom meeting a few months ago where a participant was asleep with her eyes open. I was transfixed. What an amazing skill to have. I was just as bored and tired as her but I had to pretend to care. Being able to sleep with my eyes open would have been super helpful. Even still, there are times that even super boring things just can’t get you to sleep.

When I get home I am generally exhausted. Yet, I do not tend to go to sleep until 2am or so. To remedy this situation, I have designated certain shows to help me sleep. The other day, however, I watched a show that was so boring that I couldn’t sleep. True, I live in the city that never sleeps. However, I need sleep. But I think I’ve somehow become inured to boredom at an existential level that it has no impact on me.

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  1. Oh my Gosh

    Falling Asleep

    With EYes Wide

    Open in A Zoom

    Meeting That’s Awesome

    i Did it With my

    Eyes Closed
    Yes This

    During A Baptism
    At Church i Felt
    So Refreshed

    Practically Baptized
    When i Opened my Eyes..:)


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