Cosmic imbalances and the reflection economy of life

Many are calling this the resignation economy. I too have used such a phrase in my presentations. However, that phrase doesn’t quite capture what is occuring right here and now. There are, for lack of a better word or phrase, certain cosmic imbalances. Potential employers seeking too much information without really laying out who they truly are. Certain potential new friends holding on to secrets that are gnawing at them while seeking to get to know you better. Vendors offering 10% off if you give them three ways to contact (and eventually bombard) you. Hence, we are in a quicksand of unbalanced relationships and exchanges.

Everywhere you turn there’s a missing piece of the puzzle that you have to figure out. You are in a constant -What is likely to happen if- mode. Sure, people are resigning from their jobs. Many are tired of a bad environment. Others just want out of the rat race. Others don’t even want to step into it.

This is more a time of reflection tham resignation. It’s a time to ponder one’s limits and boundaries, as well as what one finds to be acceptable. If only people would count to ten before they canceled each othetlr. But that’s a whole other story for another time.

Ponder away. However, don’t take forever either. Life is meant to be lived. Live your life don’t think it.

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  1. It does no harm – and potentially a lot of good – to rethink things through periodically.
    The inertia is large against making changes, but it is still better to do them when you want to instead of when a crisis forces you to. You will have more time to make better choices.
    But we have cliches such as not throwing the baby out with the bath water for a reason – abrupt and harsh actions carry similar consequences.
    My mother always told me to be careful with what I say, because I can apologize – but I can never make the recipient UNhear.


  2. Cosmic Imbalances

    As That Applies to all

    Of Nature Indeed is THere

    A Price for a Country With 4 Percent

    of the Globe’s Population For Using

    40 Percent of All Human Resources

    Does that Same

    Greed Lead

    to Global

    Totals of Most
    Pandemic Death

    So What Happens to
    Empires That Rise to

    New Levels of Greed

    Never Seen Before

    in Taking






    The Pendulum

    Is Coming Down

    What Rises Falls

    London Bridges Falling Down

    London Bridges Falling Down

    London Bridges Falling Down

    Dance Sing As LonG as

    This Peace Lasts

    i Will Do in

    Avatar, Matrix,
    And Terminator

    Naked Whole
    Complete Enough Ways

    The Garden of Eden is still

    SMiLing And Free Yet of Course

    Hehe There Will Always Be Conflicts

    With Adam And Eve And All Night That Makes

    (With New Moons In Between Full Moons Now)

    Day for Without The Pendulum of Just a Little
    Bit More Matter Than Anti-Matter None of This Exists Now…

    Really THere’s

    Left to

    Do Yet


    The Night

    Marry It


    The Day
    Oh! Merry Night!..:)


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