You can’t heal what you don’t feel

I’ve been riding tbe subway a bit more these days. I am extra vigilant. I don’t stand near the platform. I wear earphones with no music on. Just a couple of dollars gets you far in New York City. Well, gets you far distance-wise on the subway system. You really can’t beat it. The subways are getting packed again. Life may be nearing normalcy. Whatever that may mean to you individually.

As I was riding the subway system, waiting on the platfirm, I came across this graffiti.

Someone had written “I can still feel you”. Who it was directed towards is a mystery, of course. But can’t we all relate, in some way, to such a sentiment? I can still feel your love, anger, disappointment, rage, tenderness, excitement and so forth. Past emotions don’t leave your body. A certain scent or a jacket can bring back emotion memories.

And, you know what? That’s a good thing. Emotions are good for you. They are at the core of who you are and who you can become. They can move you forward. They, sadly, can also make you take a step back. However, you can’t heal what you can’t feel. To feel is to be vulnerable. To feel is to dig into oneself and find one’s roots.

Feel. Heal. Seal.

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  1. The pandemic has shaken us up, as has finding out about our ‘fellow Americans’ and what they will or will not do to cooperate with public health requirements.
    But you can’t keep NYC down forever – it is too much alive, as much as I can’t share it. Keep writing about it.


  2. Oh my God Yes

    Emotions Feelings

    Senses Are the Last Frontier

    Of Systemizing


    And the

    First Life of

    Spiritual Intelligences

    The Glue to Cognitive

    Executive Functioning

    Yes Short and Long Term

    Memory And Laser Focus i Just

    Bet Someone Who Masters These

    Three Will Public Dance in Autotelic Flow
    This Way 15,588 Miles in 98 Months Writing

    9.8 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry in 98
    Months too Just in Case Folks Don’t Understand

    The Power

    The Force

    The Energy

    Of Emotions
    Feelings Senses

    This Trinity Within

    That Does Either Move

    Us Or Stop Us Dead in Living Dying Tracks…

    And Of Course When i Had None of these Gifts

    All The Psychology Profession Could Throw at me
    is Pills And So-Called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy That Only

    Dealt in Managing Thoughts Not Even Touching the

    Root of Life the Light of Free Dance And Song that

    Comes From Within The Child Babbling in Joy of Song

    Dancing Eternally Now With No Instructions Again

    The Feather in the Breeze

    The Living

    Tree that


    From Within for Real
    Of Course that Journey

    Must Start From Within
    Mileage Varies Depending
    on Model and Make of Vehicle And
    Vessel of Ship With Sails and Anchors

    in Balance

    Or Not

    Sailing Far in
    Fair Winds and
    Following Seas

    Anchoring Secure

    to Protect Mental Health

    in Safe Harbors Away
    From Storms When Necessary
    Yes to Both Survive and ThriVE iN Life

    Continuing this


    On this


    Of Life Now For Real…

    THinG is Society no
    Longer Cooperates Much
    To Even Achieve Breathing Life…

    One Truly Must Strip All The Clothes
    of CuLTuRE Off Dance And Sing
    Nakedly Unashamedly on All




    to Truly Breathe
    Yet of Course only in my View…:)


  3. Hi, Psychologist Mimi,

    Found this Research on

    Interoceptive Intelligence And
    i’m Sure You Have the Kind of
    BackGround to Understand the

    Current Research Link i am Attaching

    With More a More Specific Poetic Interpretation

    Of the Research Including the Benefits of Free Verse

    Poetry For Greater Mental Health and Well Being

    Anyway it’s Something i Thought You Might be

    Interested in as a Professional in the Field;

    It’s Rather New Research and Not

    Everyone has Time to keep up;

    My Psychiatrist Wasn’t Aware

    of it until he Saw How i
    Used Movement

    Therapy to

    Heal what He Could
    Not Find a Way to Heal
    And Again of Course it
    inspired him to Quit His Practice

    And Teach This Kind of Moving Mediation
    to Increase Interoceptive Intelligence at a

    Teaching Hospital in South Florida; So yes, it’s real:

    With Movement therapy; Yes, Moving Meditation in Tai Chi,
    Yoga, And Just Getting to Know Your Body through A Free
    Dance of Gaining Greater Interoceptive Intelligence

    Regulates Emotions Integrates Senses

    Providing Mastery of Balance

    Of Happiness

    Surfing the Waves

    Of Life Without Getting

    To High Or Low In Other words

    Doing What i’ve Done in Flow of

    Meditative Moving Therapy of Free Verse

    Dance Now For 15,600 Miles in 98 Months

    And True the Art of Free Verse Poetry Through

    Connecting Words With Imagination and Bodily

    Sensations And Emotions Does the Similar as

    Yes A Free Verse Practice

    Of “SonG oF mY SoUL”

    Brings Along with Every

    Word of Sacred Song

    Yes Every Step of Holy

    Dance in Meditating Moving

    Ways Lights Up Our Minds in Body

    Balance Raising Creative Potential

    by Many Fold Along With Cognitive

    Executive Functioning of Short and

    Long Term Memory And Laser Focus True too

    as The Steps and Words Just Autotelic Flow As

    We Will Become Happy as We Like And Over

    Come Stormy And Rough Waves That Come

    Our Way As We are in Mind and Body

    Soul Whole Ocean Wave Water

    Balance Within Inside Outside

    Above So Below All Around

    One Force of


    in Balance

    Us Indeed For Real…

    It Used to Be that Science Minded
    Folks Called Activities like Tai Chi and
    Yoga, Woo; Yet Now Science Shows our
    Emotions Flow through Our Bodily Sensations

    If We Don’t Gain that

    Interoceptive Intelligence

    We Fail to Survive and Thrive

    In Mind And Body Soul Real Balance…

    Folks on the Autism Spectrum Have Particular
    Issues with Interoceptive Intelligence and Of
    Course Folks like me on the Bi-Polar Spectrum

    Either Live

    or Living Die

    By Our Abilities

    to Integrate our

    Senses and Regulate

    Our Emotions And the Greater Fuel

    (Naturally Occuring Neurochemicals)

    We Have to Master Brings Actual

    More Potential for Productivity

    And Creativity Through

    Imagination Than



    Folks However

    The Key is Regulating
    Emotions and Integrating
    Senses Naturally Through Bodily
    Sensations And Emotions Feed-back

    Sadly those Who Turn to Drugs often
    Never Naturally Find the Balance And Even

    More Lose the Ability to Naturally Regulate
    Their Emotions And Integrate Their Senses

    So ‘Think’ About this How Much Mastery

    Over Your Bodily Sensations and Emotions

    Do You Gain Sitting in Front of A Screen

    Still; Well, Unless You Are Experiencing

    A Moving Meditatiotn through

    Free Verse Poetry that

    Imaginarily Touches

    All Your Bodily


    Feelings and
    Emotions Now

    From Head to
    Toe You Will Have
    A Difficult Experience of
    Life Generating A Mastery
    of Regulating Emotions and
    Integrating Senses From Head to Toe

    And i Will Tell You This For me at Least
    The Free Verse Moving Poetry is not Enough

    Without the Free

    Flowing Dance

    For the Free Flowing

    Dance is What Brings
    The Greatest Cognitive
    Executive Functioning

    in Mind and Body Balancing

    Now To Bring A Flow of

    Poetry to Surface

    Of Ocean Whole

    Subconscious and

    Conscious Mind And Body

    It Totally Feels and Senses like

    Magic it is if You always Had A Turbo-charged

    Mind and Body Yet You Never Changed into Those
    Gear of Human Potential Hehe Ferrari i am Indeed this way

    All 12-Cylinders

    Fired Up

    And Always

    Ready to Go As Long

    As i Keep the Flow of

    Free Verse Moving Meditation

    And Poetry Going As Nearly and

    Always Practice of Life Art Most WaKinG

    Hours of the Day Just Continuing to increase

    my Human Potentials More And Oh Yeah the side

    Effect Real of the Mastery of Generating Our Own
    Happiness Within Otherwise Talked About as the

    Kingdom of Heaven Within

    Yet no Baby Words

    Aren’t Enough

    Out of Any Book

    Alone Until You Put up

    Your Christmas Tree Keep
    Lighting it up in New Colors
    Forevermore Now Eternally Changing

    in Greater Human Potentials And Of Course

    Surfing The DarK Waves of Life BacK into the LiGHT..:)


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