Hooray for Captain Kirk

“I hope I never recover from this moment”- William Shatner

Here’s one for space. Here’s one for pop culture. William Shatner- AKA – Captain Kirk made it into space today on the Blue Origin Rocket. He is 90 years old. Gives me hope to one day make my way up there for a few minutes. I’m not one of those who wants to go live on Mars. However, I’m all down for experiencing zero gravity for a few minutes.

It must have been an unbelievable experience to be able to say “I hope I never recover from this moment“.

Don’t we all want this type of experience?

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  1. Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan (I’m a very minor one, if at all), Shatner has been a big influence, and seems a decent bloke – I’m glad he got to go. Especially since people his age rarely get to do the really fun stuff with no consequences.

    Whether that’s the best use of anything – not going to judge.

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  2. Hehe Like my Wife Says

    It’s Nice to Visit Captain

    Kirk’s Atmosphere

    Yet It’s Much

    Harder Now

    to LiVE iN Outer Space

    Always if One is Not



    To Weighing As Much

    As the Air With Colors of the Wind

    Most Everyone one i meet in the
    FlesH And Blood Life Want Whatever
    It is i am on Yet it’s True i’m Simply Just

    The All

    In All


    To Say

    Than Dance

    And Sing For
    Real FRiEnDS
    With Gravity

    This Force FLoWinG
    Is Everywhere For Real

    And Surely Hehe my Ally To Rise…

    i Have no Desire to Rise Higher

    Not Even A Two Story Home

    Haha.. Whenever i’m

    on A Bridge

    i’m so very

    Light in Spirit
    it Feels like up up

    i Will Float over the
    Edge and Even be
    Subject to Gravity HAha..
    And No i’m not Kidding at
    ALL And No i Never Wanna
    Recover At ALL iN ALL iN ALL…

    of Wind

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