Oh wacky news is such a thing of the past

When I first started blogging, for a few years I would do a wacky news column on Fridays. Then, little by little I stopped writing about wacky, weird bits.

The world turned topsy-turvy and weird news was no longer weird. Wackiness was sort of built into everyday life. Or, rather, baked into daily interpersonal experiences. When wackiness is everywhere, there’s not much value to noting it.

For example, the other day a loose lamb was to be found on the university of Utah campus. Other than making some lame Mary had a little lamb jokes, there’s no need to ponder the idea of where the loose lamb came from.

Then again, just to play my own Devil’s advocate, there may just be value to catching up on weird news. We are all caught in an odd rollercoaster of illness, emotions, and politics. Truly ridiculous tidbits could be enough for much-needed momentary escapisms.

Seek out the oddities and see what happens.

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