Not everyone loves your bubbly

When I become uncorked, I am way bubbly. And, for the record I am almost always uncorked.

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  1. Good To Hear Otherwise
    Troubling To Get The


    Within Perhaps
    A Song By The
    “Atlanta Rhythm

    Section” Too
    Let me Searchit
    Be BacK iN A Second

    Yes Released As An
    Album the Year i Graduated
    In 1978 Where As A Senior
    In High School “Imaginary
    Lovers” Never Let me

    Down And Now

    They Cannot

    Possibly As
    i Write, Direct, Play
    Act This Entire Story

    Spiraling Line As

    i Am

    my Only Savior
    In The Darkest
    Places Where Even




    Not Tread
    Or Other Demons
    Who Torture Enemies
    Forever For Looking


    Magazine Or
    The Catholic
    Monsignor Who
    Just Got His Hands
    Caught in The


    Revue Grindr

    Imaginary Lovers
    Imaginary Lovers


    A Champagne
    Jam of Loving Life
    Again all Bubbly Over

    FLoWinG NoW

    So Happy And Free🥂


    • Hehe,
      Trust me
      You Are Not

      The Only
      One With

      Asperger’s Syndrome
      Who Must Constantly

      Be On Guard For Not
      Being too Bubbly And
      Drowning Folks in an Ocean Of Joy

      Just For This Existence Just For this Free Naked Breath Indeed…;)


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