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Some wacky news for levity

I used to write on a weekly basis about wacky, weird news. I figured we got inundated with political and health news and needed some levity. Then I got caught up in a pandemic and had no time for weird news as I had to monitor on a daily basis the latest covid numbers. Levity went out the window.

Now, before we possibly face another covid wave, I feel the need to look for the wacky things out there.

Here are a few of the wacky news out there. Go ahead and search your own and be merry.

1. I just emptied out my fridge of things that expired that I had hoarded during this past year. However, this mother has a fridge full of food that doesn’t seem to expire. The catch is that it’s all McDonald’s and fast food. Certainly food for thought.

2. Rice Crispy treats seem to be getting a makeover. A prison guard was arrested after trying to smuggle prescription stimulant pills into a South Carolina women’s prison by hiding them in Rice Krispies treats. I’ve got nothing else to say. Just shaking my head.

3. Tesla is making subscriptions available for self-driving cars. Can Elon Musk get this going right away? As a New Yorker who has never driven, I certainly look forward to this.

4. Well, the ice cream world is never satisfied with just chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And, surely we are grateful for this. However, there’s always one or two new flavors that make you scratch your head. This time, we are being introduced to macaroni and cheese flavor. Hmm. No thanks.

5.  Here we go. A rare case of human monkeypox was detected in Texas, making it the first case of the virus seen in the state. Now that I write this out, I’m not too sure this brings levity.

6. Well it’s official ya’ll is officially in the dictionary as a gender neutral term. Just Added Over 300 New Words And Definitions.

7. Christmas trees are in peril. In the pacific northwest, where many Christmas trees are grown in the United States, the extreme hot temperatures are taking a toll on next season’s crop of christmas trees. Santa: can we get some trees this Christmas?

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