Loading the dishwasher has embedded meaning

Today I am here to discuss something that is rather mundane. Let’s talk about how one loads the dishwasher. Now, I just said it is mundane. However, I misspoke. For how you load the dishwasher has much meaning.

First off, how you load the dishwasher can give insight into a couple. When two people start sharing a dishwsher you get insight into how OCD the other person might be.

Do they wash off the dishes first? I never really do. I figure that the dishwasher should take care of the whole process. I see no point to cleaning or dee0ly rinsing the dishes first. Then how do you place the utensils? I just put them in. Others may place the utensils upside down so that the actual utensil is standing up. I worry about cutting myself.

There are some people who use the dishwasher to tinse fruits and vegetables. That serms quite odd to me. For me it is important to wash my vegetables and such in my own bowls under my faucet.

Dishwashers truly present a cultural phenomenon.

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  1. I’m Not Really Sure How
    The Dishes Or Clothes
    Get Washed my Wife
    Doesn’t Let me

    Get Close to
    Sharp Pointy

    Objects or

    Too Close To
    Machines That
    Do Work She Tells

    me Stay Away

    Like A

    Two Year-Old
    Child i Happily Comply
    Always Yes Dear Yes Dear😇


  2. I agree the dishwasher should be allowed to do its job, and I, too, baulk at rinsing the dishes first, or worse, performing a pre-wash. However, my dishwasher and I are not without some quality of dialogue, and it doesn’t like to be put upon. Vengeance is noisy, and often worse than if I had taken its advice, and been reasonable in the first place….read into this what you will?


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