She wanted odd whimsy in her life

She was looking out at the window as the train quickly made its way through the countryside. She wanted to daydream living in each of these houses and structures.

These buildings represented possibilities of hideouts. She desperately wanted to hide somewhere where she could make herself a ball and roll around. She wanted odd whimsy in her life.

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  1. It’s The Craziest Thing
    Science Shows Everything
    In Existence Spirals In Dance Creating A


    Of Energy

    And People Still
    Can’t Figure out
    Why i Spiral Dance
    Everywhere i Go
    And Have More
    Song Of Energy

    Than A 16 Year-Old
    Turn the Beat Around 61

    Keep The Percussion

    Of HeART Beat

    SPiRiT Of

    SouL Raised to
    The Tune of Heaven
    All Vibrations Frequencies
    Of God Energy in One


    Yet i Profess
    i Am Not The only
    One Capable of This



    Hint: God

    If Only Folks
    Would Just
    Move And


    Sing Free
    For No
    They Might
    Get “IT” too…

    i Just Don’t “KNoW”…😎


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