Unlearning in order to grow

We spend a lifetime learning. Supposedly. Although, recently someone offered me a twist on such a sentiment. The first 25 years of their life they spent, learning. Then the next 25 earning. Then they wished to spend it giving. Giving back. It’s a way to divide one’s intertwined life’s goals of being purpose-driven but also bringing home the money.

I, for one, believe you need to be continuously learning. I used to write down everyday something new I had learned that day. However, despite my love of learning, such a task became a bore. I believe in learning but don’t feel the need to always check in on that.

One thing lately that I have started checking in on myself about is that process of “unlearning.” There are many bad habits, ideas, attitudes that we need to conciously unlearn in order to keep growing, evolving, and learning. Yes, we must unlearn some things in order to learn new ones. And the process must be intentional.

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