Living the color orange- From passion to profit

I’m going to start off with a silly tidbit. Humor me. The past few years, I went from loving the color pink and living it to loving and living the color orange. It’s actually not a silly tidbit. Colors have deep meaning for many of us.

As a New Yorker, I grew up wearing and loving the color black. New Yorkers wear black all the time. Even in the summer.

Then the past decade I started playing with wardrobe colors. I came to embrace the pinkness of life. Joy. Sillyness. Mirth. Hopping and skipping. Now, while still a lover of pink, I have taken on the color orange.

Orange was the favorite color of a dear friend who died. In some ways I honor her spirit of embracing life, by wearing orange. To me orange is about an active passion. I refer to it as from passion to profit. And by profit I don’t necessarily mean financial profit. I mean emotional profit. Spiritual profit.

The orange color is voluminous and filling.

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  1. Orange! My favorite color! As you might guess from my orange keychain, orange car, orange watchband, orange watch face, orange bathrobe, and, frequently, orange shirts …


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