101 stories and counting

I’m a born storyteller. That’s what my mom would tell me. She also noted that at a very young age I wanted to be a psychologist. I often wonder about how true that is but it’s the story that serves as a baseline for my life. Whether true or false, I was meant to dissect and see patterns. Then I put them into stories. I was a storytelling champion as a kid. Go figure.

I like to note that the world around me is one big stage or television show. From there come many a stories.

The past month I’ve been thinking of storytelling through a different angle. I’ve been hitting the museums again and the artwork has stirred a deep need in me to weave more stories together.

The past year, at one point, I stopped my daily writing. But I am coming out of this stupor. I’m now 102 days straight of writing. Although, I occasionally take an easy writing route out. The important thing, though, is to keep words flowing.

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