It’s all a little bit different

I had a few errands to run today that I truly did not care for. Well, errands are tedious. No really cares for them. One of my errands had me going into Manhattan in the hopes of a good outcome for a particularly bothersome issue in my life.

We are supposed to be back to normal in New York City. But nothings feels quite on point. Everything feels a little bit different and off.

Streets are tighter to navigate through. Long lines for the Nike and Adidas shoe stores. Maybe that was a little normal. I just don’t wait in long lines for shopping items. I have no patience.

Half the people are masked. The other half aren’t. Who is vaccinated? Who is overly cautious? Who is? What is?

I see a lot of people walking but many sitting and perhaps reflecting. I myself am sitting here what’s next.

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