Anything that costs your mental health is too expensive….

Let’s start this outright. Anything that costs you your mental health is too expensive a cost to bear. As a result you need to look elsewhere. Plain and simple. Although, sometimes complicated situations make one pay such a price.

If in such a situation, you need to turn down the volume. Essentially mute those around you. Or more specifically, put on mute the toxic ones that may impact your mental health or overalll well-being in general.

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  1. Generally Speaking
    Humans Are Evolved
    To Forage Cooperate
    In Loving
    To Survive
    Thriving too
    In Relatively
    Groups Generally
    To Poorer
    Human Mental
    Health Getting
    Back To
    “The Village”
    Age Old Question
    Living Or Not
    Really Loving At All
    Tick The Checklist off🏝


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