Keeping certain things private

Must seem strange what I am about to say considering I blog about all sorts of random life events everyday. Here I go. Some things you just have to keep private.

There’s a commercial (for which product I cannot recall), but it has people blurting out very personal information. One gets a good laugh of what’s blurted out. It’s sort of like that Jim Carey movie where he has to tell the truth against his wishes. I can’t recall the name of that movie either. Oh boy.

What I am getting at, despite all these digressions, is that some things shouldn’t be blurted out there. There’s much in my life that most people don’t know about. When my mother died, I did not post it on Facebook. I didn’t want a slew of condolences and my grief was my own. When I changed jobs, I waited till the very first day to post about it. There are things big and small that are happening everyday that stay locked in the mimi vault.

I know the tendency is for people to post everything about their lives. Many even wish a reality television crew were following them around. I look at couples fighting publicly on facebook. I see people posting about shattered hopes. I see people gloating. I wonder, however, what belongs to just me.

When I voted early this past election I definitely posted that. I was proud to do my civic duty and wanted to encourage others. When I got covid vaccinated, I similarly posted.

However, my thoughts of what is to come, I staying with me and not on any social media post for people to like. Maybe it’s just me. But privacy should still have value.

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  1. I keep a lot private – same reasons. I let things out in some of my support groups because they might help someone else.

    Anything else truly private usually gets euphemisms in my journals, which are for me, not posterity.


  2. YES. Just because i share some extremely personal things does not mean i share everything. Boundaries are wonderful things where i’ve found safety and the opportunity to grow. I like the phrase “Mimi-vault” very much. Some people may think they want their own reality show, but i’ll bet they’re either savvy to the fact that reality shows are NOT reality at all, or they have unknown, unplumbed depths in themselves.


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