A sense of humor can balance you out

A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your step as you walk the tightrope of life.” William A Ward

I love to laugh. I often note my love of laughter as it is a dominant feature in how people describe me. I bring light. I’ve discussed this previously. Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, in the context of Robim Williams and depression.

To me, a sense of humor and laughter help balance out the craziness in our collective lives. Let’s face it. Many of us have noted wacky, crazy reality shows could be filmed in either our workplaces or homes. I don’t think reality shows could really be produced from the workplace as there would probably be a lot of resulting slander lawsuits. I’m sure I, and many others, could personally sue 10 or more people. But I wouldn’t. Haven’t done so yet.

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  1. Amen American Puerto Rican Psychologist Sista
    ‘BeCoME A Wittiest

    Fool’ Like me

    Most Harm

    Ya Will Do

    Is Break

    A Frown

    And Crack

    A Smile Even
    If All You Do

    Is Crack



    Enjoy The
    Finished 🍿 Popcorn

    In The Reality Laugh


    As Truly
    Living Higher🙌😊


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