Music has been my motivator to keep my health

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. Mark Twain

Eating healthy is more often than not easier said than done. For a period of time in my early twenties I really tried to eat low-fat and non-fat foods. I was somewhat healthy as a person.

Then I got tired of eating healthy all the time. It was boring. I then decided I would eat what I wanted but in moderation and with a lot of exercise. I was a moderately healthy person. I can speedwalk. I can exercise for 40 minutes straight on the eliptical. And, so forth.

Now, as I grown older I know I need to avoid certain foods. And, need to continue my exercise routines. But that certainly has been difficult during the pandemic. I have yet to go to a gym since April of 2020. Although, I still manage to walk between 13,000 to 22,000 daily steps.

Throughout out that time music has been my friend and motivator for trying to eat healthy and exercise daily. Thankfully, music hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic.

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  1. Like The Song Isn’t it Ironic
    Truly A Tech Nerd And Geek
    AS Honestly There Was A

    Day i Dreamed to Build
    A New Room Onto My
    Home to House ALL
    my Computers As When

    i was A Small Child I Dreamed
    Of A Machine That Had Buttons
    That Would Answer All My Questions OBTW on The
    8th Day God Created Poetry
    On The 9th Day the Google
    Search Engine Driven By
    The Desire of Nerds And

    Geeks And Other Assorted
    Incels AS Such Desiring To
    Download As Many Varieties
    Of Pretty Birds As Fast As
    Possible And to Play
    Games to Shoot


    As They
    Never Got
    Any Real Rough
    And Tumble Play
    In Childhood Trying
    To Fill Several Voids
    Of Manhood At Once

    Anyway i Don’t Care How
    They Did it They Prepared
    The Way For The 9th Day And
    The Google Search Engine Yes

    HDTV And You Tube With All
    The Movie Clips And Songs of
    History Too And Dam It Isn’t

    It Ironic That Pain
    Disorder In 2007

    On the Zenith of
    The 9th Day Took Away
    Effective Use Of Eyes And
    Ears For 66 Months And

    i Am


    8th Day And
    9th Day Catch-up
    For All i Missed of
    Heaven On Earth in
    Hell For 66 Months



    For Those
    Who Master

    All The Tools
    And Do Not Become
    Slaves To Them And
    Become “The Machine”
    Or “Avatar” All Alone As
    Forecast In “Avatar”, “Terminator”,
    And “Matrix Series” Of Modern
    New Testament Theatrical
    Prophecies Oh Lord The
    “Minion” Prophecy Movies
    Too Forecasting 2016 Thru
    2021 too Anyway Other




    Hell Still Living
    In Heaven 93 Months
    And 2 Days These Are

    The Most Fascinating Days
    oF All to LiVE iN BLacK Abyss
    Through Beyond Rainbow Colors




    Likes Loves True🌎🌈🎼


  2. “If I could put it into a very few words, dear sir, I should say that our prevalent belief is in moderation. We inculcate the virtue of avoiding excesses of all kinds—even including, if you will pardon the paradox, excess of virtue itself.”
    ― James Hilton, Lost Horizon


  3. Interesting concepts about diet have floated, let’s say always, and are not always correct. I watched the “Alone” series about surviving in the extreme wilderness and learned (although my father told me it was so) that to live and be active you need fat. On Alone, those survivalists who had access to deer, moose, and rabbits were all starving because those meat sources contained no fat. Fat from any meat source was considered precious and crucial to their survival. It’s just so confusing. I eat like a caveman and what is in season. No food guide. But walking, there can be no argument is the best physically and spiritually. Try Jesse Cook if you like guitar, Spanish fusion.


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