Choosing between a pragmatist and one who comforts

Imagine this scenario. Someone is leaning over a toilet throwing up. One person pulls that person’s hair back and says it’ll be ok. Another person stands back perplexed trying to figure out what caused the stomach problem. While a third person goes back to look for the purse and phone.

All reactions potentially useful and, depending on the person, important. The first person is the comforter. The second, is the analyzer trying to figure out the why. Could be useful if they end up in the hospital or if they ever wish to go back to that eatery. The third is the pragmatist. It’s extremely important to make sure one doesn’t lose a wallet and such.

But what type of person do you need in your life and at what stage. For me, the comforter is key. That person could possibly be a pragmatist as well if they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Because of what I do for work, many think I’m bound to be a pragmatic person. And, I do have my checklists, to-do lists, and outlook calendars all set. Then people are pleasantly surprised that I lead with enpathy. I’m going to hold your hair back.

To me, all checklists go out the window when there is a person in need. When I’m in need. If I lose my wallet so be it. But having someone there to say it’ll be ok, is priceless.

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  1. It matters where this is happening, and would color my actions. You didn’t say, but at home I wouldn’t worry about my wallet, and at a restaurant, they should be worried about me throwing up in their bathroom.


  2. Colors Of Empathy Are Surely

    Healing Perhaps Where i Live

    Changing From A Trump Four Year

    Season of Grey Scale… God Love





    For More Folks

    To Smile SPiRiT A

    A Comforter Within

    That is More than Signs

    That Say F Your Feelings Oh

    Lord Sign of the Times for the

    Last Four Years in Trump Town
    USA Hopefully Graduating Now to Another Way..:)


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