The nostalgia of that icky baked bean smell

I don’t like beans. I don’t like the texture. Quite hard to enjoy. My family, on the other hand, loves beans. I’ve always been the odd one out in my family. And, that is totally fine with me. Is there any valid reason anyway to need to fit in? Not really. A group of similar people beung together day in and day out seems counterproductive to enjoy the silly of life. But I digress.

Back to beans. Ick. Why did I just do that? Seems rather maladaptive on my part to go back to talking about beans when I so dislike them. Well, my neighbor is apparently making beans. I went into the hallway and was swept up into this icky, fog of baked beans smell. Waves of the smell. I ran quickly away.

But nostalgia hit me back as well. I thought of mom and how much she loved beans. I thought of my aunt’s beans which are actually delicious. Well the sauce in which she makes them is delicious. While I hated the smell of my neighbor’s beans, I longed for the warmth of a dinner table filled with quirky family members.

See, I actually hadn’t digressed at the onset of this piece. The threads of thoughts and story are always there. Beans. Family. Love. Uniqueness. Belonging.

Although, I do want to tell my neighbor to stop cooking.

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  1. Jackpot
    Human Without
    Fitting in Oxytocin
    Find A Stuffed
    Animal, Raise A Child,
    A Dog
    Or Look
    At Sweet
    Cat Pics
    On A Screen
    Text Kindness
    To A Stranger
    Yet if Humans
    Lose The
    Healing And
    Fear Killing
    Power of
    May Morph
    Into “The Trump”
    MeMe Of
    Faux Soul News
    Cold Yes
    Heat up
    The Beans
    “Hold Ya Nose”…
    Do Find
    Some Warmth..🌞


  2. Do you hate lentils, too? There are so many beans — it’s hard to imagine hating them all. Can you dislike a burrito with black beans, or pinto beans, or refried beans? My stepmother made baked beans with brown sugar and bacon — like candy. Navy beans tossed into a tabouli salad — so good. Hummus, yum. Can’t make chili without some kind of bean, and I love chili. Warm lentil soup on a cool summer evening beside a stream — it says Vermont, doesn’t it? Do you really hate them all? If so — how dedicated of you.


      • Maybe it’s the texture then. I hate lima beans, but I like the rest if they are cooked well. I don’t like them by themselves without lots of veggies or grains or salsa or fragrant spices. My stepmother grew up on pinto beans cooked in water without any spice or veggies, and I just can’t get behind that one. We all get to choose what we like or dislike. It’s freeing.


  3. I don’t like any of the legumes except for peanut butter. Beans, peas, and such are unappealing to me. Some beans are vaguely unpleasant while others literally make me gag. There are exceptions – I do like uncooked snap peas. Maybe also snowpeas but I’m not sure if I’ve had them.
    There may be a genetic marker for this. There’s also certain textures that I find unpleasant. I’ve read that people on the spectrum often have extremely picky tastes and that could be part of it too.


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