Happy new year: 2021 are we ready for this?

No. We are not ready for 2021. Yet, we eagerly anticipated the end of 2020. Boy, did we. But does this morning feel any different? Same anxieties. Same concerns. Same fatigue has carried over. I suppose we have hope. The overnight change from 2020 to 2021 has much heavy symbolism tied to it.

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  1. Never been a big fan of symbolism. Symbolism may be good for morale for those free to pay attention to such things but doesn’t pay the rent, let us be close again, or cure the disease.

    “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day” – Bono, U2.


  2. All we can do is hope things will be better in 2021; and all we can control is ourselves. In general there is no difference for me between December 31 and January 1 in any year. I prefer to celebrate many milestones during the course of the year 😀


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