It’s new year’s eve and yet my fitbit thinks it’s two days ago

My fitbit is something I might just let go of in the new year. There are many things to let go as the year 2020 thankfully winds down. I’ve been making a list. Fear needs to be left behind. Same wuth midnight snacks. And, my fitbit may very well go the way of the dodo for me. I’ve reached the point where I wonder what’s its point anymore. It keeps track of steps I keep taking but are not getting me any further where I want to be in life.

Now, my fitbit woke up thinking it’s two days ago. Of course it did. This year has been upside down and sideways. Why should it end on the right day and time?

What to leave behind? What to let go? Anything that gets the time and timing wrong.

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  1. Although I get the time and timing wrong all the time too! Fitbits are curious technology. I have one and wore it once. Iā€™m not that interested or obsessed in how many steps I take a day. Love this post.


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