The time I kill is killing me

I have always felt that the Monday blahs weren’t real. A few hit songs about how Mondays are depressing stayed within the public consciousness and took root. Thus, many people hate Mondays. And, yes Sundays and Mondays are supposedly the days of the week people for the most suicide attempts. I’d like to argue that wednesday is the day that sets it all in motion because by mid-week you realize your goals are rapidly going down the toilet. Boy, this is depressing and not at all what I wanted to dive in to. But the hand is free-flowing.

Let me get back on track.

Monday blahs need not be. We can fill the days and keep going and going. I know that for myself Mondays are tough in that I do end up feeling depleted. It’s as if I’m trying to jam everything in to the day to get a slingshot effect for the week.

Then the other days, these days, trickle in and random “down” times take a hold of the mind. The killing of time is not a good thing. It takes away from one’s purpose and does indeed make things less meaningful. But it almost seems that at this point in time, everyone is tasked with killing a little bit of time. But how much Netflix can a person take? Here’s hoping that in 2021 we are too busy making up for the lost year of 2020. No more killing time.

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  1. I’m working on the second book of my mainstream trilogy.

    I am also battling CFS and mobility problems and pain – and taking care of my body so that I can use my mind for a while every day for writing takes SO much time.

    The stress is making everything far worse, but I persist.

    I have all this time – and it’s often not usable because I can’t think. I hate that.

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