Patience is a practice and not a virtue

I will state it right off the top. I’m an inpatient person. I like things when I want them. I’m a fixer. I make things happen. Or so I used to more readily by able to do so. Now, things have changed. I have changed. Well, rather I am changing. Trying to.

I’m trying to be a bit more intentional during this pandemic. I’m using the time to self-reflect. And, one thing in particular that I am working on is patience. The long lines everwhere are unnerving. However, there really is not much one can do. And, in personal matters everyone is caught up in their own mental “line”. We are combing through experiences, lining them up and taking stock. We must be patient with ourselves. We must practice patience with others. Our headspaces are full. Overflowing. Patience must be a practice. Baked into our psyche.

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  1. Hehe my
    Wife always
    Get Furious
    With Bad Drivers
    I’m always Chill
    And She
    Trying to
    Make me
    Get Somewhere
    On time and i’m
    Like ‘Chicago’;
    ‘Does Anybody
    Know What
    Time It
    Is, Does
    Really Care’…


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