It’s coming

I love Christmas. And, am readily excited for it. I really like Easter. We shall see how both of those turn out this coming year. I also love, really love, Halloween. It is the time of the year to be truly carefree, dress up and beg for candy. It’s so cool. However, that us right around the corner and don’t know what to expect. It will certainly have an air of spookiness. Perhaps, creepiness. How morbid will the costumes go this year? How much will they touch upon and reflect the genuine horror we have collectively from this past year?

I’m sure dark humor will abound. However, what mood can we be in? I know I will be dressing up. I always do. I may dress up as the queen from Alice in Wonderland. Something whimsical. Or I may go as Harley Quinn which is already past its cultural experation date.

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  1. Hehe
    Uh oh
    Always an
    Orange Clown
    Now And Celebrating
    Virtually From Years
    Gone bye
    Again Perhaps
    We Will Erect the
    18 Foot Tall Grim
    Reaper Doll once
    Again in our
    Front Yard
    But For
    Now The
    Is Taking
    The Blow
    Up Reaper’s
    Place For Real
    Has Been
    Real on
    Elm Street
    For 4 Years
    True i am Always
    Dressed Down as me2.. 💀


  2. Enjoy your holidays. One of the best decisions i made to manage my mental health issues was to stop celebrating them. We barely even mark our birthdays anymore. Certainly not viable or desirable for everyone, but wow, so good for me.


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