I remember feeling the pain

Ask a woman who has given birth about that childbirth pain. More often than not she will note it had been excruciating. However, more often than not, she will also not be able to tell you based on memory what it really felt like. The memory of how the pain really felt is dulled away. We know it hurt. Just can’t remember the hurt.

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  1. The human race needs a replacement rate above a certain number to keep going – the average is more than 2.something for each woman who can have children. We’d never have that second one if we really remembered.

    I don’t know what I was thinking. But I really love all three. What do I know?


  2. el dolor del parto es el mas agradecido siempre dirá una madre, ve el resultado de sudor en el nacimiento, en su hijo así me lo decía mi madre y así os lo digo yo a vosotros, es el único que termina en un llanto con sonrisa


  3. My belief is that’s a great thing about memory not being entirely comprehensive and accurate. I am always in awe of those who chose to have children. What an amazing thing to do. It’s one of those events that I can never totally experience, the actual labor, but am happy there are those who do. Deepest bows. Big smile.


  4. Every single word. Good grief. I remember saying after having my son that I will NEVER do this again and women are CRAZY to go through this more than once if they’ve already experienced that pain. Well here I am, pregnant again, aware that pain is ahead of me, but cannot for the life of me decide why I said women are crazy for doing it more than once. I can do this pain again, I say. Nonchalant and naive.


  5. Pain Makes
    Pleasure Makes
    Pain Life Makes
    Breath oh
    A Miracle
    Dark Makes Light🎶
    Flats And Sharps
    Piano Strings
    Play Vocal
    Chords Ouch
    Percussion Strikes
    HeART Beat Drums
    WoRKinG Breath
    i Believe
    Makes Day🎶


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