And that’s why we always go back and double check

I am a New Yorker who is always on the go. Well, almost always. I eat while walking and teleconferencing to and from meetings. My legs are restless and just need to keep going. I run, run, run. You get the picture. You can imagine that when I’m ready to leave the house I am all set to run out and hit the pavement. I typically get in close to 5,000 steps en route to work. Whew! I love getting that energy out.

As I walk out of my apartment I do chuckle, mightily. I walk out. Then I question whether I grabbed everything I needed. I go back in and check. Then I walk back out. Then I stop mid-way down the hallway and wonder whether I turned off the flat iron. I, of course, have to rush back in. And, nine times of out of ten I have indeed turned it off. Actually, it is an even higher likelihood that I havd turned it off. It’s rite. Routine. I flatiron my hair and just automatically unplug without thinking.

Yet, yesterday was different. I did my dance of going back in and out. And, lo and behold I went back in to the bathroom and I had actually left the flat iron on. I couldn’t believe that I had done that. It is extremely unlike me to leave it on. My routine was broken. I had been distracted apparently. My mind had wandered. I didn’t walk around like a zombie. Which was a bad thing, laughingly enough. When I’m a zombie I follow the routine and the house won’t burn down.

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  1. Hehe.. i Have the House
    Police my Wife Grew up
    Without Electricity Some
    Periods of Youth.. So No
    Matter How Much Money
    We Have She Demands
    The Lowest
    Bill with
    Off THAT
    LiGHT! oh yeah,
    And She Reminds
    Me me to Eat
    When i’M

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