Binge Rewatching: Comforting in pandemic times

I am a big fan of binge watching. Huge fan. I have even gotten into heated conversations over the merits of binge-watching. Although, I have not recently been able to do that with my current favorite shows. Sadly, the pandemic has taken up too much of my time. As it has for so many.

When I have had time to sit and watch television shows, I haven’t been able to motivate myself to watch my newly recorded shows. What I have actually done is watch – binge watch old shows. For some inexplicable reason, I binge-watched Dexter from its very first episode. Then I binge-watched Lucifer. And so forth.

I suppose my binge-watching of old shows is akin to eating a bowl of chicken soup or mac & cheese. I may need a familiar plotline. I may need familiar characters. I may need old standard, predictable villians. Who doesn’t these days?

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  1. Hehe as usual i’m Binge Writing
    Blood Circulation Says
    Get Up and Move Too
    Oh Lord it was so
    Nice No
    to See when
    the Military
    Gym Was Open then
    Or at the Dance Hall
    All that’s Left now Mostly
    is Just Temptation to Binge write
    what i’m
    Doing for
    1 Second More..
    Covid-19 2020
    Binge Writing it is for NoW..:)


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