Missing my belt loops

We all have our quirks. That is why I never understand when someone is noted for or described as being quirky. I suppose there is a quirky scale or continuum whereby some people are way quirkier than others. I myself have been noted as being quirky. Very quirky. Ok. Whenever I ask individuals what they may mean by utilizing such a descriptor, they note that I’m just quirky. Ok. I suppose. I mean, I might even embrace such a moniker.

One thing that I do which may highlight my quirky nature, is that of how I use my belt loops. I don’t. Or rather I tend not to use them. I just take my belt and overlay it across my belt loops. I don’t know how I started such a habit. It could be that I’m too lazy to loop them them. That is entirely possible. It could be that my fingers are not nimble enough. It could be that I just don’t care. Entirely possible. Ok.

Whatever the reason, my lack of belt loop use is part of my quirky nature. I am too embrace it. Flaunt it. Live in it. Ok. This is exaggerated. It’s not really that big of a deal. I’m just in a silly frame of mind and thought I’d share it. Finding and embracing our silly quirks can be fun.

I welcome your thoughts

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