Living in a small NYC apartment during coronovirus pandemic

During a pandemic, one tends to stockpile items. Many took to hoarding toilet paper, wipes, and meat. I kept a very handy amount of toilet paper, chips, and coffee creamers. My refrigerator was bursting at the seams with non-nutritional items that would serve as comfort food of sorts. Others, I have heard, stockpiled even more things. Of course, many of those who hoarded items have room to do so. They may have a house, yard, or trailer in which to prepare for an apocalypse.

In New York City, however, the apartments tend to be on the smaller side of things. One can be living in a 250 square foot apartment and have to maintain a decent number and selection of clothing, shoes, and handbags. It’s hard to be Carrie Bradshaw if you can only walk a few feet in one’s humble abode. And, during a pandemic, it is downright impossible.

Imagine quarantining in a 250 square foot apartment with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. It must be an amazing sight to behold. My apartment is bigger than 250 feet. I’m just using that marker for illustrative purposes. For sad illustrative purposes. There comes a point where one has to just bite the bullet and start using up the stockpike. No way around it.

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  1. In A Pandemic We Are All Very Fortunate
    to Have Windows to the Globe; Better Yet
    hehe, iMac it Just Works Better and
    Doesn’t get Loaded down
    with Virtual Viruses;
    Of course We Are
    Also So Fortunate
    to Have Technology
    To keep the Backbone
    of the Infrastructure Going
    When Organic Human Beings
    Fall Down With Illness; Truly We
    Have Much to Be Thankful for; of course
    i Learned this When i had the Functional Disabilities
    in my Home And Was shut-in that Way Brave Enough
    To Dance After Unlocked from Pain and Numb And yes indeed
    for now at least the Last Man Dancing on ‘This Planet’ Earth Close
    Where i Live
    as the Dance
    Halls for now
    Remained Closed
    Although ‘Florida Man’
    the Protege of the Man
    in a White House if ya wanna
    Call them ‘Men’ are working to
    Reopen Bars to Further Spread
    the Pandemic Again; yes, thanks
    God for Machines they continue
    to show their Value as Humans
    continue to Eat And Drink
    Money More than
    Health and
    Well Being
    For All.. i am Still
    Enjoying my Mouse,
    And My Trackpad and 27.1 Inch
    i-Mac screen And although i wish
    there is some way i could gift you
    my 24 Inch Window Outside my
    Bedroom Window to Paradise
    The Garden of Eden Forest
    Whenever i Walk Out my
    Back Door well Yes
    Blogs Make that
    Possible too..
    Hehe.. if you have
    A Powerful Enough
    Computer And Browser
    To Scroll Through.. Truly We are
    Fortunate.. something about my the Retina
    Display Screen on my First iphone 5 purchased
    in March of 2013 Finally Allowed me to see Colors
    Again without so much almost Intolerable Pain… i will
    Never Forget all of what the Nerds and Geeks did to Save my Soul
    as it’s true there was nothing that the Folks At Church could or would even do
    for me; nor the Doctors who said go away there’s No Pill for You that will work…
    Thank God
    for Folks who
    Prepare Alternate
    Ways to Really Reach
    Heaven again.. with smiles..:)

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