Don’t feed the monster

Want to be finally free. Open the door. Shed the light. Thing is. The monster always lurks beneath. Mustn’t feed the monster. Walk away. Don’t give in. Find a new response. Redirect. The monster is waiting to pounce. It’s teeth ready to bite. Eager to rip off a piece of flesh. Walk away. Don’t feed the monster. It will just self-propagate off of the fed negativity. A new start mustn’t have fear as a baseline. Build up from the beheaded monster. Its carcass fueling daisies. The monster is back in town devouring all in its path. Stand strong. To wake up will be a challenge. But freedom will be the ultimate guard.

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  1. A Place Where so many
    Folks Fail With Fear is
    A Disconnect of Abstract
    Constructs (Mostly Words
    And other Tools We Create)
    Disconnected From our
    Animal Nature From
    Head to toe the mostly
    Hairless Naked Ape
    That Will always
    Be our Core Reality
    As Long As We aRe
    Flesh And Blood So many
    Folks Fail to understand they are More than less
    Than Talking Heads and
    Buttons and Screens…
    Total eclipse of core
    Reality indeed release
    The inner Beast no
    Longer Fear what’s
    Within for when
    We Bare Our
    Is No Part
    Of the Fish Pie…
    Too many minnows
    Not Enough 🦈 Sharks…
    i yearn for the day when
    Psychologists teach
    Humans to Swim
    Like a Shark
    More than
    Words for Behavioral
    Change how easy
    We become
    Our tools
    And lose
    Any Freedom
    At all core
    Of the
    Beasts We aRE🌊🦈


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