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My son’s upcoming birthday

Hands down the “holiday” I love observing the most at home is that of my son’s birthday. I love Christmas, Halloween and Easter. However, his birthday is my everything. This is because … Well, I think the reason why is obvious.

His birthday is coming up on a little over two weeks. I’m excited to celebrate it. He will be turning 12. Feels like he is turning 22. Everything is moving so quickly. Before I know it, he will be getting his own place. Until then, however, I’m going to treasure every moment with him including his birthday. Now, I celebrated my birthday a few months ago, at the height of the pandemic in New York. It was the best one could do type of celebration. I wasn’t too concerned. Now, though, I’m very concerned. It’s my son’s birthday and I am clueless as to what to do.

I could take him to the zoo. But we have done that many times in the past. I can’t throw a party. We already have a dog. There is no pool to take him to. Typically, I take him on a trip. Usually abroad. Yet, that is not likely to happen. I can’t even get him a cake as he doesn’t care for them. My, oh my. What to do?

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  1. Prayers For Your Son
    For Back To School
    Safety Glad You
    LiVE iN A SMaRT
    That Values
    All Humans Breathing
    It’s More
    Further South
    It’s Disgusting
    And The Height
    Of Soullessness
    Without Empathy
    Genocide of
    Slow Torture
    For History
    And Herstory
    To Record For
    To Come
    As Darkest
    Example of
    How Ignorance
    Literally Kills
    Love So
    Truth in
    Lost Praying to be Saved…


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